Black Hammer lays down zero tolerance policy on abuse

Chief Alyx, Chief of Black Hammer Times

On Thursday, June 18, Black Hammer made an urgent public announcement regarding the expulsion of an inactive member who had been abusing another member within the organization. The meeting was run by Chiefs Diva Tareva, Mouhamadou, Suh, and Alyx, and was followed by an immediate Q & A.

“We are here because there was a predator in our midst, and we want to let any predator out there know that we will find you and we will expose your ass.” said Chief Diva, who led the meeting. Continue reading “Black Hammer lays down zero tolerance policy on abuse”

Ready for War: White power Moves to Old Tactics

Comrade Ellis, Black Hammer Times Staff

Every week, freedom fighters are hitting the streets yelling “black lives matter” in the faces of white power agents. We are rising up.

As our Commander in Chief Gazi, correctly says:

“Our knee is now on the neck of white power. “

They are begging us to stop. 

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What comes after the fire — the failure of Black Lives Matter

By Chief Shaun & Comrade Ellis, Black Hammer Times Staff

George Floyd. Finan Behre. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Tony Mcdade.

These are only a few of the names of those who were lynched by the white nationalist state and it’s dogs.

Their names, like so many others, are sparks that have set the colonized masses’ hearts ablaze. Since the european invasion of the so-called “new world”, African and Colonized people in the united snakkkes have been fighting for power, for self-determination, and for freedom — the flames are nothing new to us. Once again, this flame has mobilized us, and brought us to the streets against a core issue: pig brutality.

We cannot let these flames die out again. Continue reading “What comes after the fire — the failure of Black Lives Matter”

72nd Nakba – Day of World Solidarity with the Struggle of the Palestinian People

by Comrade Keirien,  the Black Hammer Times Staff

May 15th marked the 72nd anniversary of Nakba Day.

Palestinians worldwide commemorate the annual Nakba Day to remember the ethnic cleansing that birthed israel and fuels the continued occupation of Palestine.

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Colonized youth are leaving the Unification Church for the Revolution!

By Comrade Aleja, The Black Hammer Times Staff

I am the second generation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. I am born without original sin. I am a true child of God.

These are some things I was taught as a child raised in the unification church (UC), an international new religion founded by Sun Myung Moon (SMM). 

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The clinical contradictions of colonialism.


By: Comrade Rachel

I am writing this article as a medical professional to share the ins and outs of the medical industry from my experience.

After witnessing the birth of my grandchild and the lack of autonomy and attention my daughter received, I’ve gained even more perspective.

We all know and understand that Black men don’t like to go to the doctor let alone to a hospital. Black people are led to believe that we can’t and shouldn’t get sick. Consequently, Black people rarely go and get their ass checked out. And unless you have been hiding under a rock or got your head up colonizer ass you would know that, although Black women have less of an issue getting to a doctor than Black men, neither are not treated well at all.  

It was during my daughter’s pregnancy I noticed small things that would be said or done to my daughter or other patients that I found to be fucked up and unprofessional.

I will not speak on my title because I know that white power exists and so we are supposed to play dumb and pretend to not know anything about what they are doing. But we see y’all. We all know about that black girl magic! And I love when the time is just right to show them how this shit works!

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Implementing Our Mission

By: Chief Nyah Akerele

Black Hammer’s mission orbits the need to build self-determining power for our own community. When it comes to the colonized homeless community of Atlanta, many would simply surmise that this issue is nothing new. Homelessness has been plaguing the African and Colonized community since our presence in this U.S. colony, but the way Black Hammer analyzes and politicizes this problem is unique compared to how other bourgeois organizations respond to the contradiction. 

On November 30, 2019, 13 Comrades gathered at Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta and handed out food to 100 African and colonized people in under 30 minutes! The menu included curry chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, cornbread, and granola bars. Bean soup was also given as an alternative for those individuals who do not consume meat. A pair of socks and a Black Hammer pamphlet was placed in each bag given so that the individual could become mobilized to overturn the contradiction of poverty created by colonialism. 

After the food drive, Comrades gathered and united that this would be the beginning of a monthly food drive done in the Atlanta area! Comrades voiced their unity to feed African and colonized individuals and families. 

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Africa For The Africans!

By Mouhamadou Diagne

I ain’t tryna get into it If you on some  “I ain’t African, I’m Afro-WTV-tf” or “I’m not African, I’m mixed” or “I’m not Black, I’m a person of color” or whatever race science nonsense the colonizer uses to divide Africans and other colonized people. Please remember capitalism and colonialism created these artificial divisions between working-class colonized people. Continue reading “Africa For The Africans!”