The Chinese’s response to the Proxy war for Africa

By : comrade Abdi Mohamed

It’s no secret that the united snakes of America has a monopoly on violence. Since 2007, The USA Has established a new force in Africa called the “United States African Command”AKA  AFRICOM. 

AFRICOM and her Nato allies were responsible for arming Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi. 

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi was a member of al-Qaeda. He was released From American Custody to join the Libyan Islamic fight group in 2011. Now, Abdel-Hakim had become an American sponsored terrorist to dethrone Libyan government. 



This example of bloodshed has made it much easier for China’s effort to control Africa because unlike the USA, China’s methods of establishing a control grid in Africa are more welcoming But is that a good thing?


China does not use violence but, prefers more covert means of control. For example, Chinese investors simply would underpay the people for the land.

They exploit these people without bloodshed by ripping them off instead.

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Who’s really REAL?!

By Diakiesse Lungisanni Chief of Political Education and Culture

Fem Queen performance has been and will ALWAYS be one of my fave’ categories when it comes to the Ballroom scene. For those of you who have been living under a rock during the era of the FX show Pose, a fem queen is basically a transgender woman who competes in the Ballroom scene. Fem Queen Performance is a category where Fem Queens compete against each other through voguing.

The sensuality, THE HAIR! Most importantly the pure, raw, uncut creativity CANNOT be matched anywhere else! 

“What in the entire f*ck?” was my reaction when I was watching some recent clips of the Fem Queen Performance category at The Last Time to Shine Ball, Old School Edition, via Youtube, where this Icon, a supposed leader within the Ballroom scene, criticized and CHOPPED a young transgender woman because she was wearing padding. This clip alone has started a conversation, not only within the Ballroom scene but in the GSNA/Black Queer sector of our nation as a whole. What became overwhelmingly clear was the divide between GSNA men and African transgender women, and the disgusting, vile ideals of gender “normality” forced upon us by wyt power!

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Thanksgiving and the African Revolutionary

By: Chief Gazi Kodzo

Well, it’s that time of the year, comrades when we are gravitated by guilt back towards our family for the Colonizer’s Holiday Season. The first Holiday is Thanksgiving, where the resources of the working class are pocketed by farmers and airlines.

Thanksgiving has a special place in the hearts of Colonized Revolutionaries. It either speaks to a time where you witnessed a family member exposing the colonial holiday for its brutal genocidal nature or you were that family member that did the exposing. I remember I learned about the natives being the first people of this land in first grade. No matter how nice my teacher tried to make the story about them three ships sound, I was very clear on who the bad guys and good guys were. I made an announcement on that Thanksgiving how disgusted I was by this story.

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Africa For The Africans!

By Mouhamadou Diagne

I ain’t tryna get into it If you on some  “I ain’t African, I’m Afro-WTV-tf” or “I’m not African, I’m mixed” or “I’m not Black, I’m a person of color” or whatever race science nonsense the colonizer uses to divide Africans and other colonized people. Please remember capitalism and colonialism created these artificial divisions between working-class colonized people. Continue reading “Africa For The Africans!”