Are you white? Do you want to help? Do you want to be a good person, on the right side of history?

The only way you can wash the blood off your hands is through following the leadership of African, Indigenous, and Colonized people and paying reparations for all that’s been stolen in your name.

Pay Reparations

To support the anti-colonial struggle directly, without taking our class for colonizers, Black Hammer Organization accepts reparations via monthly donations.

Reparations will go directly to empowering poor and working class African, Indigenous, and other Colonized people worldwide.

Why pay reparations?

  • All wealth enjoyed by colonizers is from colonialism: the pillaging, slavery, and genocide of African, Indigenous, and Colonized people.
  • White people, no matter how poor, still benefit from colonialism because it’s what upholds their culture and their way of life. Exploitation from being poor is separate from oppression from being Colonized.
  • White people, even those who are liberal and well-meaning, have always given tacit approval to colonialism through their apathy, ignorance, and continued investment in the status quo.
  • Minerals, jewels, art, culture, plants, animals, and other resources are continually looted, and that wealth is held by colonizers.

Colonizers trade their humanity and choose to pillage, enslave, and genocide. Their domination over the world must end before it destroys the planet and all of humanity. The only way to right the wrongs, to repay what was stolen, is reparations.

One Time Reparations Payment!


Pay Reparations Monthly

  • Credit / Debit Card Information

Have other resources (skills, tools, vehicles, housing, land) that you can give as reparations? Contact us.

Land Back!


Right now, Black Hammer Organization is offering several ways to pay reparations:

  1. Become a recruit of the Reparations Corps.
  2. Make monthly reparation payments.
  3. Contact us to give your skills, possessions, land, etc. as reparations.

Reparations Corps

Do you think white workers and Colonized workers are oppressed in the same ways? Do you think we have the same goals? Do you think revolutionary movements should include colonizers?

Black Hammer Organization wants you to join the Reparations Corps to relearn history and find your place in building a world without exploitation. The tuition for the bootcamp is the start of paying reparations. This is your way colonizers (white people) to get involved in changing the world, make the choice today to get on the right side of history.

  • Weekly bootcamp sessions.
  • Reparations paid on a sliding scale.
  • Sessions will be offered via Zoom.
  • Learn the true history of the world which has been hidden from you.
  • Understand why reparations are the key to finding your humanity.
  • Get on the right side of history!

Why join the Corps?

For 600 years, you have been murdering Indigenous people, enslaving Africans, and colonizing the globe. Aren’t you tired of endless genocides enacted in your name?

You have raped Turtle Island and her Indigenous Nations. You stole African people from their prosperous continent to build your plantations. You have stolen our lands, forced us to work as your slaves, wracked up the plunder of Colonialism to fuel the parasitic, capitalist system that murders us today. The genocide of Colonized people never ended, and they are continued today worldwide through colonialism and imperialism. 

You have blood on your hands but you can never wash them clean on your own accord.

In the words of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire:

Although the situation of oppression is a dehumanized and dehumanizing totality affecting both the oppressors and those whom they oppress, it is the latter who must from their stifled humanity, wage for both the struggle for a fuller humanity; the oppressor, who is himself dehumanized because he dehumanizes others, is unable to lead this struggle.

So sit down, and take notes.

By paying reparations, you acknowledge that you and your nation still benefit from our stolen resources. By taking this class, you acknowledge that you and your nations still benefit from the dopamine rush of that conquest.

Revolution will overturn all of these contradictions and colonizers can either fall in line behind our leadership and help us build, or you can stand in the way of our hammers.