I choose the Hammer: an open letter to Kevin Rashid Johnson

By Comrade B, Black Hammer Organization

Kevin Rashid Johnson has accused the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) of minority-nationality chauvinism.

He describes the experiences of Huey Newton in China; Mao did an incredible job of uniting the racial majority with the several racial minorities within China. Kevin then notes that the ruling classes throughout history have used brutal repression based on racial lines, since the beginning.

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Another miserably failed coup attempt in Venezuela

By Comrade Aleja, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Aljazeera reports that “[Nicolas] Maduro holds the passports of two amerikkkan citizens”, Airan Berry and Luke Denman, two retired U.S. special operators, while the trump administration denies any involvement in the pitiful attempt to kidnap the President of Venezuela.

Analyzing the laundry list of regime change operations from 2002, 2017, 2019, and finally this videogame mission style coup earlier this week, it is clear that the united snakkkes of amerikkka has a crumbling influence in global affairs.

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Our Colonized Brother, Brandon Penn, faces death in Arizona Prison

Brandon Penn, a victim stripped of his freedom by the amerikkkan injustice system, is faced with death. His only crime is being Black in the u.s.

On May 1st, Brandon called the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) Arizona Chapter to explain the criminally inadequate living conditions that he and many other colonized people are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Black Hammer launches #2BFrank to combat colonizer, white leftists

By The Black Hammer Times Staff

On April 20, 2020, Gazi Kodzo, the Commander-In-Chief and one of the founders of the Black Hammer Organization (BHO), tweeted something truthful and crucial for the decolonial revolution.

The tweet broadcasted the untold massacre of millions of African and Colonized people who die on a daily basis at the hands of white power imperialism.

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Keep colonialism closed and let’s open the Revolution!

By Chief Gazi Kodzo, Commander-In-Chief

Black Power Comrades,

Currently, Black Hammer (BHO) is on the frontlines saving our oppressed, colonized people from the onslaught of the coronavirus. 

Our colonized siblings are struggling against the contradictions created by colonialism-capitalism that the virus has worsened.

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Black love ain’t revolutionary!

By Chief Mouhamadou, Chief of Membership

Yeah, I said it!

Now, hold on! Before you start commenting some koonery, read the d*mn article!

I know y’all love to talk sh*t behind headlines. So, if you share this, I ain’t say all Black love wasn’t revolutionary. I said: just because two Africans are in love, does not mean their love is​  AUTOMATICALLY revolutionary.

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