Monday, September 25, 2023

Black Hammer Organizational Manual

The manual of the Black Hammer Organization has been prepared to guide all our organization’s work. It reflects our urgency to get our revolutionary shit done, as we know imperialism is a dying piece of sh*t!  This manual shows that we gotta be pros at organizational professionalism! We gotta be able to work through all this colonial BS we are faced with every damn day!

We use this manual to help our comrades understand various organizational processes. It’s a training manual that explains various organizational practices, like collective leadership and the rules of organization discipline.

What the manual is not. The manual is not a binding constitution. It is also not a set of instructions or a how-to guide. It is a living document that is subject and submissive to Black Hammer Leadership, not the other way around. 

The Organizational Manual will provide every Black Hammer member with a better understanding of how to make their own way within our organization. It will create avenues for us to solve problems, and promote the resolution of issues before they can bite us in the ass!