How To Get involved


Are you a new member or someone interested in joining? well, you’ve come to the right place! below are the committees that the organization has available for folks to join. If you have not already signed up for the revolution please do so here.

Each committee reflects a different aspect of the revolutionary work that goes into fighting for liberation. No matter what your skillset each committee would love to welcome you within their ranks. They even provide training and to make sure folks are equipped with the tools necessary to complete their work.

So please join our:

Agitation & Propaganda:

Social Media is a committee in which revolutionary artists and strategists create content and manage the social media accounts for Black Hammer.  We learn to make graphics and posts that promote our revolutionary line, and get it to as many people as possible!

Political Education and Culture Command. If Agitation and Propaganda are the hands, then the Political Education & Culture Command is the heart of Black Hammer!

The PECC is responsible for new & innovative ways of bringin’ political education to the masses! We do dis thru our political education series like Da Revolutionary Book-Trap, Proper-Gander, and Fire 2 Inspire!

We’ve also taken on the question of revolutionary culture through our social institutions like our Black Hammer Playlist Series hosted on Spotify or Revolutionary Lit where we showcase Revolutionary & underground artists!

If you a writer, editor, producer, artist or just interested in comin’ up  with new ways to reach our people, the Political Education & Culture Command is fo’ you!

To get involved email: [email protected]

Campaigns and Outreach:

The Campaigns Committee is the roots of our Organization. The initiatives and projects that our organization votes to support and organize around, define the character of our struggle. The Black Hammer Organization fights to protect colonized children from anyone within or outside the community who seeks to harm them. We organize to feed, clothe and take care of our people. The campaigns committee aims to make the visions and proposals of our membership and our people a reality through our organizational power.

To get involved email: [email protected]

The roots of our organization are based on scientific struggles for success. Through experimentation and analysis, we work to build projects that will engage the masses, and win them to a revolutionary struggle. In order to do this we need the brilliant power of collective creativity .It is this collective creativity that brings forward project proposals.

Comrades have brought forward project proposals for community clean-ups and the organization of incarcerated colonized people, and through the power of principled unity and disciplined organization we aim to make those proposals into programs like the Disaster Relief Committee! 

If you want to help build these programs or have a proposal of your own you would like to help organize into reality join the Campaigns committee today!”

Disaster relief

This new committee is dedicated to making sure the organization is prepared to handle taking the needs of the masses seriously. Building this committee will ensure a proper response in this crisis around COVID-19 and any more to come.

This committee has already put together a number of resources that we will be using in our COVID-19 response. Come join the Call if you don’t want to wait till Tuesday’s general meeting to get the scoop!

To get involved email: [email protected]

Membership and Recruitment:

“All committees in Black Hammer are important, but without the membership and recruitment committee, there could be no Black Hammer. That’s because this committee is the molding factor of the very element that makes up the organization–people. Everyone that joins the organization worldwide does so by going through the membership committee. This committee responds to all sign-ups on the website and personally reaches out to each Comrade after they decide they want to join the organization. Membership also gets to know each member in seeing how their particular talents and skills can help the organization. The team helps Comrades to find the perfect fit for the committee and also connects the Comrade with their local chapter. We check in with our current members to see how they are doing in the organization and if there is anything they need in the form of support, getting their questions answered, or questions about their membership in particular. We are instrumental with helping form chapters within the US and around the world by connecting our members with each other and giving them the tools to facilitate communication. We also answer questions for Comrades who have not yet decided whether to join the movement or not on our social media platforms and help individuals decide if this is the organization for them. We are about building the movement to such a capacity due to our fierce and united culture that we will be unstoppable!”

To get involved email : [email protected]