Saturday, October 23, 2021



Every Monday at 8pm EDT, catch Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo along with other leaders of the Black Hammer Organization as they go over the hottest topics that our people are talking about online, at home and on the streets. And you can also catch us talking about the things we’re doing at Black Hammer and just how you can get involved! You don’t wanna miss this revolutionary tea! Catch it each week on YouTube at! Make sure to subscribe and hit notifications!


Every Tuesday at 7pm EDT, the Black Hammer Organization comes together along with the public to review the work of the organization the past week and get that revolutionary motivation to keep on working for the people! You can catch it all here: updates on defense, some political education, speeches from our Commander-in-Chief and Secretary General, and all kinds of photos and clips of the work that Hammers do! Stay tuned as the rally shifts formats and gets on the ground with our people so that we can bring the work of the revolution into our communities. You can catch it all on YouTube at! Make sure to subscribe and hit notifications!


Every Sunday at 11am EST, Black Hammer hosts Da Revolutionary Book Trap, a political education series hosted by various members of the organization where each month we collectively read a book focused on colonized revolutionaries and revolutionary movements around the world. One of the organization’s longest-running series, Da Revolutionary Book Trap is mandatory political education for all members. Watch the live show on Facebook or YouTube and share it with your comrades, friends, and family.