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Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo is serving you that revolutionary realness, every Monday at 8pm, Eastern @BlackHammerOrg.



Black Hammer hosts our public meetings every single Tuesday, 7pm EST. Join us, and tune into the State of the Hammer address @BlackHammerOrg

Black Hammer’s Political Education and Cultural Command presents: “The Power of Plants”

Poor and working class Colonized people aren’t given the tools we need to stay healthy, and that includes proper access to food. Organizing for the revolution includes knowing how to keep proper care of your health, and learning the skills it takes to be a self-sustaining people! Tune in Thursdays for tips on how to keep your body healthy to beat back colonialism.

The Online Gun Club is back with Chief Malcolm, showing y’all how we stay safe while we practice our self-defense! Every other Thursday, at 3 pm EST. Keep it disciplined!

Each week, Chief Diva Tareva and a different revolutionary mama, bringing us Fire 2 Inspire! Coming at you LIVE Friday, 7pm EST @BlackHammerOrg

ProperGander is breaking down your favorite pop culture with an anti colonial twist! Tune in Saturdays, 8pm EST @BlackHammerOrg on Facebook and Youtube

100% pure political education  in Da Revolutionary Book Trap! And Bring your #ReadDatBack every single Sunday, 11am EST. Facebook and Youtube @BlackHammerOrg