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Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo is serving you that revolutionary realness, every Monday at 8pm, Eastern @BlackHammerOrg.

Let’s be honest! 🤝 In the world we live in now, colonized people struggle to know or understand what true consent is. Whether we’re talking self consent or sexual consent, learning how to have real boundaries and giving ourselves the permission to have actual self-determination does not come easy and will take real anti-colonial practice 🫂 It is now time for us to say no to all colonial communication in order to practice honesty and straightforwardness with ourselves and with one another, always moving forward in true unity to advance the revolution! 
Join us this upcoming Tuesday, June 29th at 7PM EDT on Youtube Live for an amazing workshop put on by our very own Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo and Secretary General Anco on Revolutionary Consent! Let’s grow into the revolutionaries we were meant to be


Weird conspiracy theories or huge colonial contradictions?! Our Science and Technology Committee is coming out with a brand new show entitled, Critical Mass, where they will be delving into some of the latest in science news, breakin’ down thought-provoking topics, and all the mysterious world events of our past many of us love to spend hours researching.
Critical Mass will be premiering on July 8th at 8PM EDT on YouTube Live featuring our Intl. Chief of Scitech, Chief Suh and Intl. Chief of Staff of Scitech, Chief Felix! Mark your calendars, comrades, you don’t wanna miss this!

Season 3 of Go Awf Sis will be premiering it’s first episode on April 16th at 8PM EST RIGHT HERE on FB Live, brought to you by the Culture Committee! This time with a brand new co-host who we all CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF, Comrade Dayo!!!
This season will be full of great topics featuring some of your favorite hammers as guests as we continue to highlight and celebrate the lives of women and non-men identifying people!
You won’t wanna miss this! Save the date and time and we’ll see you there!

We got another revolutionary panel for y’all! La Frontera Amerikkkana/México Es Una Prisión aka The Amerrikkka/Mexico Border is a Prison is taking place on Thursday, June 17th at 6PM EDT on Black Hammer Org’s YouTube and Facebook Live! 
Hammers unite with our indigenous siblings all across Turtle Island and Pachamama at the border and with all of the families that are currently being affected by these colonial contradictions Watch and engage with our indigenous cadre as they share real time solutions to overturn this colonial system with our colonized unity! Land Back!

Black Hammer goes live every Sunday @ 11am EDT for Da Revolutionary Book Trap, a book club series where we go into depth on revolutionary and anti-colonial movements and history. You don’t wanna miss this episode of Da Revolutionary Book Trap!

Chief Oju and Sgt. Bear are beginning our next book “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” this Sunday to talk about colonialism on Turtle Island and the way indigenous people have resisted. Find the book and soon the audiobook in our library ( We’re reading Chapters 1-3 for this first episode.

This is MANDATORY for our Hammers! Come get your political education on and then Hammers don’t go too far because Forging the Hammer is later the same day at 3pm EDT!