Monday, September 25, 2023


“The only culture worth keeping is the revolutionary culture. Our culture must not be something that the enemy enjoys, appreciates, or says is attractive, it must be repelling to the slave master. It must smash, shatter, and crack his skull, crack his eyeballs open and make water and gold dust run out…”
-George Mason Murray, Minister of Education for Black Panther Party

Black Hammer is for the total liberation of poor and working class colonized people, and that includes the liberation of our minds! We can spend all day beating back the white supremacy of colonialism, but that same system was the one that miseducated us from birth. We have not been given all the education we need to free ourselves and so it is up to us to provide that education.

Culture is a weapon, and political education is the tool to forge that weapon. The Agitation & Propaganda Committee works to make sure that all Hammers and colonized people get that political education in any form that we need to understand it! Political education can come from everywhere, a movie, a book, YOUR LIFE! Take a look at what Black Hammer has to offer for your education and join us to give your knowledge to our efforts.


We have a virtual library where you can access all kinds of anti-colonial and revolutionary literature and texts, films, and Black Hammer’s own music and content. Visit our library here.


The education of colonized youth is of the utmost importance in having a successful revolution. The Freedom School is the place where that education happens. Learn more about it here.


Black Hammer broadcasts a variety of weekly revolutionary shows and specials that help inform you about what is going in the world and what the revolutionary tea is. Check out our shows here.