Da Revolutionary Book club; Reading the Words of our Ancestors

The Black Hammer’ Revolutionary Book Club took on the task of making radical political education accessible to the masses of Africans via the Black Hammer Facebook page. Every Sunday morning at 11:00 am we cover certain sections of books, articles, or other works. The first book assigned was Jamil Al-Amin’s (H Rap Brown) Classic work Die Nigga Die. The book is a provocative, vulgar, raw, and uncut read . H Rap Brown wrote the book  like he’s speaking on any street corner in any hood in America in a language that anyone can comprehend. This book goes into colorism, capitalism, imperialism, tribalism and so many other situations in such a simplistic way for the masses to digest. This book was an easy introduction for attendees who are new to political life. Many participants testified how informative the read was for them. Africans from all over the African  Diaspora tune into our discussions. Participants have the opportunity to call and join the live discussion or they can comment online. We strive to make it as interactive as possible and we have a lot of great commentary. Our next book Is Assata : An  Autobiography by Assata Shakur. Our social media team galvanized the people into joining the book club. We’ve only been meeting for a few weeks now and each session has had over a thousand viewers from the day of the live meeting. The Book Club motivated viewers to join the Black hammer organization and sparked a sharp increase in followers to the organization’s page. It’s been a great start and it’s only up from here! Black Power!