Greta Thunberg is a Drug and You’re a Dope-Head.

This article is written with an agenda to destroy the ability for anyone to trick you into forgetting who you are and who the enemy is.

This is beyond Greta, so I have tricked you. See how easy that was? So, if my junior college drop-out self can trick you so easily, what do you think about a 600 year old system that is birthed and sustained from tricking you? And, probably tricks you a whole lot better than me!?  It knows you–no, it knows us–better than we know ourselves.

In the efforts to stop producing a relationship through tricking Black people and cause I don’t want to act like my colonizer, at the end of the article I will lay out specifically Greta for your entertainment and you can watch this child abuse that I will show is really defending myself from the Massa.

First, let me break down Massa’s trick to have you love massa when you should know, without a doubt, that you should hate massa.  Did you know that your mama’s food isn’t as good as you think it is? It’s a scientific fact that your love of a person enhances the flavor of the food that person makes for you. So basically, Good Home Cooking is good because it’s home.The brain releases more dopamine and then dopamine starts a chain reaction that changes your taste buds. Which, in turn, literally alters your reality from everyone else’s. So, your mom’s food may actually taste like crap but to you it’s heaven.

Ergo, the trick of taking someone from a place of reality to a place of nirvana is jacking up their dopamine. People love R. Kelly even though he has raped little girls because his music releases dopamine and that changes the reality of who R. Kelly is to them–even if today you do not like R. Kelly anymore but you liked his music. Trust it was harder to convince you of his crimes that it would be for me to convince you of a stranger’s crimes, because that stranger doesn’t help your brain release that addictive dopamine! You don’t want to get rid of that hit so easily.

Now like I said already, this article is about how to see through all tricks–not just this trick. I’m giving you the pimp constitution, if you will. This is how to pimp a hoe, or oppress a colonized person. When a Hoe that’s in love with they Pimp talk about they Pimp, it’s with the same amount of love or even more than they have for their mama. When a Slave that’s in love with they Massa loves they Massa, they love that massa so much they will snitch on they mama. The same way a drug addict loves drugs more than they love their own family. Because the abuser is giving them more dopamine than the actual person that loves them. The abuser has figured you out and what lifts you up and they just give you more of that.

This way you can’t see what is up and what is down. That’s the true place of the birth of what we call neo-colonialism. Barack Hussein Obama was just as much a white nationalist imperialist terrorist than any white president, but you love him and defend him because of dopamine. Seeing a black man as president after centuries of nothing but white men gives you dopamine! He even named his campaign after dopamine! HOPE! Cause that’s all Dopamine is; nothing but CHEMICAL HOPE! You don’t get dopamine when you digest the treat. Dopamine is released when you are promised the treat! This is a scientific fact from Emory Hospital Doctors.

That’s how you can taste home cooking just by thinking about it. You ever was waiting for a text from a crush and you heard the notification but when you get to the phone you realized you imagined it? Yep, that’s dopamine messing up your reality. So Obama, his wife, his kids, and dog didn’t give us freedom, but gave us hope for freedom… I mean dopamine!

Same with Nelson Mandela, and all these other black neocolonial politicians. They are not people! You don’t know them, you can’t touch them or really get to be with them. They are a device…a symbol of a treat that’s never coming. It ensures that the brutality of colonialism can exist. Consequently, you can continue to go through the pain and not resist because dopamine stops you.

Greta is not a person… she is a device that gives you dopamine so that you don’t rip colonialism from the core and truly heal this planet. She is to show you a problem and then give you a shock of dopamine. It couldn’t be a straight white man to give it to you because we don’t trust him anymore. It couldn’t be a white woman because Hillary Clinton destroyed that. It couldn’t be a Black Person or person of color because the symbol has to be able to win as many white people to the cause. As a result, of course they made the device a little innocent white girl. Who could hate little Mary Poppins… Me that’s who God Dammit! Cause I’m tired of being a fucking dopamine junkie and a nigga wanna get free!!! Go read what the Haitians did to little white baby slave owners!

How you know if it’s dopamine and when you’re not being given dopamine? Well, unfortunately  you can’t just trust if it makes sense or not or even if it’s factual. Why? Well because you guessed it! dopamine! It alters your reality so you can only base it on who is offering you the device. Check the source. Then once you check the source,  the motives should become clearer. Whatever you do don’t take the device for face value …EVER! It’s actually better to ignore the device, interview, article, speech, leader all together! Look behind them and see who is pulling the strings.

If your dopamine giver is a pimp…then you being pimped. If your dopamine giver is a drug dealer, then you are being strung out. If your dopamine giver is colonizers then you being colonized. If your dopamine giver is someone who loves you and has your best interest at heart and has shown that through action, then that’s not just hope pimping that the real deal promise of a new and better life. It’s not filled with dopamine though cause revolution is real. Revolution is an action of a resistance and you only resist pain. If the person is telling you the road is short and breezy that’s some dopamine. If the person says it’s long and painful, but this is what has to be done for a better world, that’s the real shit.

Greta is literally a low budget Disney family movie playing across our screens. We eat it and it taste like good home cooking but it’s really the dead bodies of our children that we are eating.

Trust me my people. I know the pain you feel. I feel it from the time I wake up and then I even dream about it. I feel the shots of gunpowder in my chest from the first European settlers that invaded Africa. I feel the heavy hot chains on my wrist while they drag me to the boat. I feel the heartbreak of not seeing my loved ones anymore not knowing where I’m going while I am laying in my own shit. I feel the crack of the whip to force me to do the work. I feel the hot iron brand my skin so massa knows I’m his. I feel the noose around my neck while they laugh and drink coca-cola. I feel the dogs biting and firehose hitting while I march to have a voice. I feel the shot of a bullet behind my back while I’m running home to see my mama, but a pig won’t let me have one more good home cooked meal.

Trust, I don’t want to bring you more pain. Trust, I know that dopamine feels good. Trust, if there was an easy way out I’d tell ya. But they ain’t. This is the only way, but you must want real hope more than the fake. You must want real freedom more than the fake. You must want to get out of the matrix.

This article is getting too long, so let’s get back to Greta. Move the device. Yes, put little radical Shirley Temple away and let’s look at who is pulling the puppet strings.

One: Greta works with Al Gore, a known imperialist colonizer war criminal. She even called him a PIONEER! This is someone she looks up to.

Two: She has worked with the One Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; both foundations were co-founded by George Soros. Bill Gates’ foundation is a front to clean up his his name before he dies. He wants to be remembered as a philanthropist, a good billionaire rather than as someone that funded multiple wars and proxy wars that killed millions of people so that he could have access to their rich land resources and cheap labor.

  Three: She was presented to the world at The UN Climate Action Summit which is funded and lead by THE BILL AND MELINDA FOUNDATION.

Four: The George Soros Climate gang-gang includes THE OBAMAS, THE CLINTONS, THE GATES, AL GORE, etc– all who have worked and supported GRETA! Mind you these people are the biggest living destroyers of the earth and biggest murderers of colonized people!

These people do not like REAL freedom fighters. These people do not retweet and shake the hands of real revolutionary thinkers! Barack Obama put a two million dollar bounty on Assata Shakur’s head! The Clintons and Obamas kill and torture freedom fighters all over the world! They only support and give platform to the ones they can control. For goodness sake! Obama won’t even tell us who killed Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X! Because he knows it was the US Government which he is a device for.

I’m going to close this with a facebook post I made. So we can really lay out this global warming issue.

BECKY legit just said under my Greta video “What does police terrorism of black people have to do with global warming.” And her comment got like 20 likes… from MY OWN BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE!

WHAT THA HECK!!! How LOST have my people become!!??😭

The destruction of the planet and its INDIGENOUS people are simultaneous in the function of COLONIALISM! 🗣 The genocide and destabilization of Colonized people is paramount so that the COLONIZER Nation can have undisputed access and control of the rich natural resources of Colonized people’s land and dictatorship of our labor!

Police killing African and Colonized people is a modern necessary continuation of destroying and destabilizing Colonized people so that we don’t stop them from looting our labor and our planet! Therefore, we are controlled through violence so we don’t have the self governance to control and heal our land/planet and ourselves! The Earth started dying when WE AFRICAN and COLONIZED PEOPLE started dying! The condition of nature and Colonized people are one and the same, we are interconnected!

Colonialism has birthed Capitalism, a world wide system that lives off of the blood of indigenous people and our planet, only to produce life and wealth for Colonizers! There is no Green Solution under a parasitic system. OUR ANCESTORS always KNEW that WE INDIGENOUS people and this EARTH are CONNECTED! That if you hurt us, you hurt this planet. If you kill us, you kill this planet!

How far has the colonizer destroyed our own minds that we too have lost sight of that connection? I refuse to let a colonizer hug a tree while standing on the dead bodies of black and brown people. The tree doesn’t even accept that hug, why should I?

FYI: The US military, police force, and prison system are the biggest polluters than over 100 countries combined! Since 2001 they have emitted more than 1.2 Billion Tons of Carbon. Making them the single largest polluters on the face of the planet. Their only function is to kill and control African and Colonized people at home and abroad.

WE ARE THIS PLANET. Wake up my people. I beg you wake up and get the fuck off dopamine!!



A Vote for Akile, Kills my friend Eritha.



Black Power my name is Gazi Kodzo and I am the founder and leader of The Black Hammer organization. I was Eritha Akile Cainion’s first Campaign manager and I am also a survivor of the Uhuru Organization. I mean a survivor in every sense of the word. Many innocent people who have escaped the Uhuru Organization have been mentally scarred even to the point of suicide. As recently as last year, a 19 year old boy committed suicide while under their mental torture. This is why I have to speak out against the election of Akile Anai aka Eritha Akile Cainion. 

What you first have to understand is that I am not actually criticizing Akile. She is a young woman who is being manipulated and used as a puppet by a greedy old man named Omali Yeshitela. Omali Yeshitela and his organization have a long track record of mentally abusing, scamming, harassing, and slumlording, the very people they say they fight for…poor and working class black people.  Specifically black women and mothers.  Continue reading “A Vote for Akile, Kills my friend Eritha.”



The Negroe Intellectual what an odd bird he is. You see intellectuals are supposed to be a grouping of people who are skilled at thinking and their thinking is used to advance humanity. Think of it like this, what good is a farmer if he cannot produce to feed the people? Skill is only as important as its ability to produce and advance society.

This is where the oddness of the Negroe intellectual comes in. You see education is nothing but a tool to reproduce the theories of the dominant society. We live in a White Powered society that is sustained through the parasitic relationship towards everyone that isn’t white. Therefore the dominant theory is thought condoning that parasitic relationship. Continue reading “BLACK INTELLECTUALS ARE NOT JUST USELESS BUT DANGEROUS”

Colonized LGBT. Burn that Rainbow flag!

It makes me sad to see so many of my fellow black LGBTQIA people putting that rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈 in their profile pictures, but not our Red Black and Green flag.

We shouldn’t unite with political movements that don’t center and are antagonistic to our liberation.

If it’s not anti-colonial it’s not for ya! PERIODT!

There is no gender/sexual liberation for colonized people, while under colonial domination.

Marsha P Johnson was a black trans activist that THEY used/use as a prop to start their movement. THEY let the NYPD assassinate her and dump her in a river with a cinderblock tied around her ankles! Before her death she was constantly threatened by the police but THEY ignored her because they didn’t unite with her strong stance against the police.

Colonizer Queers and their movements be it Rainbow or the new Transgender flag just represent Colonizer Queer’s material interest of wanting to have the same rights resources and abilities as the Straight Colonizer Man. Those rights resources and abilities are given to them by the parasitic relationship we know as Colonialism. THEY just wanna be Massa too. They want to be able to suck our blood too and live off of us. That’s why THEY fight so hard to join the military and police force. Cause THEY wanna whip us too.

Please take that juvenile rainbow off ur profile and put up the Red Black and Green that represents OUR ancestors blood! Our people and Our Land! Cause if you ain’t fighting for that you fighting for THEM!


Jesus is why you ain’t got no nigga. 

Now calm down and listen to me before ya get all upset and pour holy water on my face. 

Child everybody should know that I do not believe in anything that’s not real and I seek the truth in everything. No, I am not an atheist, I’m a materialist. What is the difference you ask? Well, an atheist just doesn’t believe in god. But you see me? I don’t believe in NOTHING FAKE! I don’t believe in a fake god, fake politics, fake theories, fake people, fake anything! 

Because I believe that when you only deal with what is and not with what you think that is, you make better decisions. 

Now back to how Jesus stole yall nigga lol. 

“You knew that nigga was no good when ya met him!” I know yall done heard this one before! So why did you let him hit it raw, drive ya car, fuck up ya credit, and snatch ya edges? Because you believed in the man you wished him to be and not the man he actually was! Now, why would anybody be so stupid? Why would you see a porcupine and try to ride it like a horse and then get mad that you poked your butt? Why would wash your hands in fire believing it was water and then get mad ya got burned? Why bitch Why???

Cause you believe in Jesus that’s why lol. 

When the basis of the way you narrate through life is a book of fairy tales, but life is some real shit don’t you think you gone have you some problems? Just think about it. If they took the Character of Dr. Mcstuffin and placed her in the movie Black Hawk Down, don’t you think she would have some problems? She would be talking to stuffed animals, trying to save decapitated people with plastic toy surgeon tools. That little sistah Mcstuffin gone lose her shit seeing all that death and then being charged with malpractice on top of that! 

You see how ill-prepared Dr. Mcstuffin was for the real-life problems. That how unprepared your religious ass is prepared for the real world. That’s why you chose that ain’t shit nigga and that’s why he fucked ya life up. 

Cause yall out here with Disney Channel Cartoon Network minds living in an HBO Showtime kinda world. 

And yes I chose the ain’t shit nigga too. That’s because idealist mindsets and ways of thinking that have been bred into me for my whole life don’t go away easily or instantly. 

So find that nigga that has your back and block that nigga that just knows how to blow ya back out.

Colonized Poor and Working Class Leading Is My Mood 4 Eva

Unlike Colonizer “leftist”, us Colonized Revolutionaries find our way to the front lines of the revolution through pain by the parasitic system we know as Colonialism. Colonialism, which is the primary mode of production for this society called the western world, is what we know to be White Power.

Colonizer “leftists” find their voice through wanting to sound superior in college debates. We Colonized Revolutionaries find our voice with tears in our eyes screaming we want to stop dying, we want to stop seeing our people murdered by the Colonial Police state. We come to the front lines of the revolution because even if we were to ignore colonialism, we live as if we are at war already. Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin and Sandra Bland were not revolutionaries but they were assassinated by the same system that assassinated Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba. So how much more is our life in danger by coming to the understanding that being Black or Colonized means you are already in war? The only difference is you know now!

Colonizer workers are not the proletariat. The proletariat was never to be found in the pale skin of the ones that lead the genocide of the indigenous people and the lynch mobs of African people. This is who the Colonizer workers are and whenever they claimed to be revolutionary or lead some failed attempt at overturning their twin the white ruling class they have always done it while their foot rested on our necks, because it was Colonialism and Slavery which freed the european peasantry under feudalism to become a colonizer ruling class.

The true Proletariat/Working Class/ Revolutionary Class has always and will forever be the African and Colonized poor and working class of the world. The method of procuring the means of life necessary for human existence, the mode of production of material values in the society we presently live under is COLONIALISM. It was Colonialism which brought european poor workers to america to wipe out the indigenous people. It was Colonialism which brought us African people here to the Americas in chains to build their nation. It was Colonialism which emptied the diamond minds on Indian and Africa and filled the British Royal treasury. It was Colonialism which brought the criminals of europe to Australia to enslave and mass murder the indigenous Black people there.

What is different today about that one true aspect of the mode of production? NOTHING! It is Colonialism that leads the endless wars of America to steal the oil of the Middle East. It is Colonialism which leads Europe to create puppet governments in Africa so that they can loot the resources of the land and keep the people living in poverty. It is Colonialism that forced China, India, the Philippines and other nations to become sweatshop factories of the white world. It is Colonialism that rips indigenous people off of the lands of the Amazon, Indonesia, Somalia and etc so white power can build banana farms, Coffee Plantations, Kale Farms and etc that will make billions while the people of the land starve and are forced to work for pennies a day. It is Colonialism that makes malnourished African Children risk their lives to dig up diamonds in unstable mines. It is Colonialism that forces African people in America into these prisons to force us to fork over cheap labor. It is Colonialism that lead the FBI/CIA to create the drug economy in the black community. It is Colonialism that has Indigenous/brown children in cages at the border and African/black kids in cages in juvenile detention.

Colonialism is still the Chief Determinant Force which feeds this capitalist world. It is Colonialism that produces food, clothing, shelter, technology, fuel, etc.

The relationship between the white ruling class and the white workers is a secondary relationship that does not produce and reproduce the mass wealth/life force that sustains this world system we know as capitalism. If the white working class are wage slaves then we must be blood slaves! Their gripe with this system is small wages and uncomfortable laws. Our gripe is that it lives off of our blood and devastate our ability to be self determining. We are the true Proletariat. We are Colonized people. We represent nations, history, cultures, civilizations that have been devastated. It’s us who are forced to feed this world. We are the true proletariat. So don’t quote Marx to me, Billy the worker, cause I know The Communist Manifesto made you feel like some kind of Star Wars hero. If you unite with our leadership and pay reparations we’ll let you be Chewbacca, but we Colonized people are the Jedi up in this bitch!