America Hopes to Regain #1 Status by Forcing India to go to War with China!

Commander in Chief Gazi, Chief of the Black Hammer Organization

Black Power is rising and White Power is falling! The united snakkkes is on a sharp decline politically, economically, domestically, and all of her white power allies are following fast. That doesn’t keep good ol’ amerikkka away from its cold war tactics with China though!

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Only Fans is on the RISE, but Sex Work is still despised!


By Gazi Kodzo, Commander in Chief of Black Hammer

The Black Hammer Instagram @BlackHammerOrg recently reshared an instagram video of an Only Fans Male Model named, Jose Sanchez. Check out his work on his instagram @ThatRicanModel and

Jose recently had a viral video of him jacking off in front of a mirror, it was made instagram safe because the video cropped out his dick. Once the post was made the #WhiteNoise and #WhiteTears arrived at our organization’s front door.

Some haters made the allegation that this post was harmful for minors, which we couldn’t allow ourselves to be offended by. Continue reading “Only Fans is on the RISE, but Sex Work is still despised!”

To the idiot that thinks Young Black And Colonized folks with a media strategy is COINTELPRO!

Never allow a good crises to go to waste. It’s the opportunity to do the big things you never thought possible.”💁🏾‍♂️

The Anne Frank crises gave Black Hammer the opportunity to expose ourselves as Unapologetic Anti-Colonial African and Colonized revolutionaries that take no shit and will drag a Colonizer bitch and they Colonized-pets for trying us! 🤸🏾‍♂️

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Keep colonialism closed and let’s open the Revolution!

By Chief Gazi Kodzo, Commander-In-Chief

Black Power Comrades,

Currently, Black Hammer (BHO) is on the frontlines saving our oppressed, colonized people from the onslaught of the coronavirus. 

Our colonized siblings are struggling against the contradictions created by colonialism-capitalism that the virus has worsened.

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Black Sellouts who are Women or Queer Must also be held accountable!

By: Commander in Chief Gazi Kodzo

Dementia Joe Biden said in the last Democratic Party Debate, that if he was president, he’d look forward “to making sure there’s a Black woman on the Supreme Court.” We already know for 100% that this Black Woman would be an avid supporter of American Settler-Colonialism, Imperialism, and Capitalism. 

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Make Joining the Revolution your New Year’s Revolution.

If 2019 has shown black people anything, it should show us that the empire is falling and it is time for us to take power over our own lives and destiny to usher in all that we can be in freedom! The liberal part of this sinking slave ship we call America is falling first into the sea. This part of the ship has given us comforts while we were on this slave ship. This side of the ship took our chains off. They let us clean ourselves. They taught us English and gave us their god. The pirates that stole us let us eat with them. They let our kids go to school with their kids. They even let us vote in their election of who this slave ship’s next captain would be. They even let us play ship captain for eight years.

But what we have to understand is that this side of the ship wasn’t saving us to save us. They were pretending to save us to save themselves.

You see, this liberal side of the ship saw that we were important in order to keep the ship afloat. They knew that we built the wood and that we manned the sails. Even more so, they knew that the sea the ship was on the waters of our blood. If ever it was that we understood the magnitude of our power and that we didn’t simply build America, we would see that we ARE the sea it floats on.

At any moment we have the power to command these seas comprised of our blood to make a crushing wave to destroy the ship and wipe it off the face of the earth! The sea does not need the ship. The ship needs the sea! It’s only an illusion that the ship commands the seas, as it sails with or without the kindness of the sea. But we don’t see ourselves as the sea. We see ourselves as they want us to see us; through their vision and perception. We see these little black bodies and we see that all of our problems are the product of trying our best to mimic white bodies.

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Thanksgiving and the African Revolutionary

By: Chief Gazi Kodzo

Well, it’s that time of the year, comrades when we are gravitated by guilt back towards our family for the Colonizer’s Holiday Season. The first Holiday is Thanksgiving, where the resources of the working class are pocketed by farmers and airlines.

Thanksgiving has a special place in the hearts of Colonized Revolutionaries. It either speaks to a time where you witnessed a family member exposing the colonial holiday for its brutal genocidal nature or you were that family member that did the exposing. I remember I learned about the natives being the first people of this land in first grade. No matter how nice my teacher tried to make the story about them three ships sound, I was very clear on who the bad guys and good guys were. I made an announcement on that Thanksgiving how disgusted I was by this story.

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Greta Thunberg is a Drug and You’re a Dope-Head.

This article is written with an agenda to destroy the ability for anyone to trick you into forgetting who you are and who the enemy is.

This is beyond Greta, so I have tricked you. See how easy that was? So, if my junior college drop-out self can trick you so easily, what do you think about a 600 year old system that is birthed and sustained from tricking you? And, probably tricks you a whole lot better than me!?  It knows you–no, it knows us–better than we know ourselves. Continue reading “Greta Thunberg is a Drug and You’re a Dope-Head.”

A Vote for Akile, Kills my friend Eritha.



Black Power my name is Gazi Kodzo and I am the founder and leader of The Black Hammer organization. I was Eritha Akile Cainion’s first Campaign manager and I am also a survivor of the Uhuru Organization. I mean a survivor in every sense of the word. Many innocent people who have escaped the Uhuru Organization have been mentally scarred even to the point of suicide. As recently as last year, a 19 year old boy committed suicide while under their mental torture. This is why I have to speak out against the election of Akile Anai aka Eritha Akile Cainion. 

What you first have to understand is that I am not actually criticizing Akile. She is a young woman who is being manipulated and used as a puppet by a greedy old man named Omali Yeshitela. Omali Yeshitela and his organization have a long track record of mentally abusing, scamming, harassing, and slumlording, the very people they say they fight for…poor and working class black people.  Specifically black women and mothers.  Continue reading “A Vote for Akile, Kills my friend Eritha.”



The Negroe Intellectual what an odd bird he is. You see intellectuals are supposed to be a grouping of people who are skilled at thinking and their thinking is used to advance humanity. Think of it like this, what good is a farmer if he cannot produce to feed the people? Skill is only as important as its ability to produce and advance society.

This is where the oddness of the Negroe intellectual comes in. You see education is nothing but a tool to reproduce the theories of the dominant society. We live in a White Powered society that is sustained through the parasitic relationship towards everyone that isn’t white. Therefore the dominant theory is thought condoning that parasitic relationship. Continue reading “BLACK INTELLECTUALS ARE NOT JUST USELESS BUT DANGEROUS”