The End of Peace (A Flower Crown)

Chief Alyx, Chief of The Black Hammer Times


To pull something out of this earth, for one,

you need to crack it open, again & again,

work the raw metal through unforgiving ground.

Growth only comes after impossible toil.

A dead & rotten poplar tree still chokes,

digs its feet deep in the dirt, can still be

a motherfucker to fell, and still shakes

its neighbors on the way down. Continue reading “The End of Peace (A Flower Crown)”

“38” – A poem by Comrade Haerhee

by Comrade Haerhee, Black Hammer Member 

When I was young, my mother travelled to the alabaster palace of hell to strike a deal with the devil. ​We could have made any world we wanted, but this​ is what they chose to create,she pleaded. ​I am but one, but I will give myself if you can protect my family.

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Trillion’s Way – Ch. 3: Bye bye baby

Trillion’s Way – Ch. 3: Bye bye baby


“He he he he he! You so nastyyyyy! Uh uh, stop itttt!”, I hear Damu coo to whoever he’s on the phone with. I roll my eyes. This whore!

“Loose booty slut bucket!”, I mouth to him as I enter the kitchen grabbing a biscuit. He flips me off as he rushes into the den to continue his conversation.

Biscuits, eggs, grits, bacon AND fruit? Did Damu get some last night? I laugh to myself.

Damu knew he could whittle me down to my absolute last nerve but I wouldn’t trade him for the world! He was partial to the reason why I casted aside my petty bourgeoisie aspirations and dedicated my life to the revolution.

Former high school dance captain, he stood at 5’9 with skin the color of freshly ground cinnamon and had locs down to the middle of his back. He was also GSNA,  LOUD and extremely outspoken when it came to the issues of our people. He wasn’t gonna let no ashy fake deeps, hoteps, and hotepesses keep him from fighting for the liberation of black people everywhere.

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Just Another Tale From the Hood

By:  Comrade Diva Tareva  



I can vividly recall my first encounter with the state, I was 4 years old, playing in the park near my grandmother’s home, with my 3-year-old brother, mother, and father. My brother and I had just been rescued from our grandmother’s house, who was angry with my father and decided to hold us hostage for revenge. My father devised a plan to take us out of her house through the window during one of her many naps. We executed the plan flawlessly, and once free, ran to the nearest park only blocks away. Sometime after our arrival to the park, 3 LAPD cars screech up, sirens going, guns out!

They tackle and arrest my father and mother on charges of child endangerment and kidnapping. My grandmother shows up and attempts to retrieve me and my brother from the pigs, but they refuse to release us. We are taken to the department of children and family services and would never be returned to the custody of our parents again. Continue reading “Just Another Tale From the Hood”

Chapter 2: Tell Me Tommorow


“Amani!” Damu shouts at me outside my room door.

I don’t respond.

The taps quickly turn into a loud banging.



I’m gonna kill this bitch I think angrily as I massage my temples. My eyes snap open as I stare up at the ceiling. What time is it anyway? I turn my head to look at the clock on my nightstand. 9:30. AM! Oh yea, this bitch is tripping for real!

Before Damu can start banging on my door again, I reach over the edge of my bed to grab a shoe and throw it at the door with a loud THUD! Continue reading “Chapter 2: Tell Me Tommorow”

Chapter 1: Code of Discretion

What’s the meaning of “true love” shared between two colonized individuals?

At this point in his life, Amani aka Trillion does NOT want to find out! 

A professional revolutionary, Amani uses his alter ego Trillion to navigate the treacherous seas of dating on the “colony” though his comrade Damu tells him love is just beyond the horizon. 

Will the persistence of a past hookup be Amani’s undoing or will Trillion help Amani avoid commitment at all cost?

Either way, it goes, it’s Trillion’s Way or no way at all!


***MATURE CONTENT, 18+*** 

Boy on boy 

character list :

         Amani, aka Trillion






Code of Discretion 

It’s 3 am as I climb into my Uber. I nod and briefly smile to the driver as we make eye contact through her rearview mirror. Continue reading “Chapter 1: Code of Discretion”