Proper-Gander; Looking Between the Lines and the Lies of white Media

Proper Gander looking between the lines and the lies of white media.

Is it just pure coincidence that captain amerikkka’s weapon is a shield and the USA is always lying about acting in self defense in all its military endeavors? Ya ever notice how many movies after the Ferguson uprisings feature Black pigs? How about the fact that every movie depiction of ancient African and Indigenous people shows them as wild savages? These are the kind of undertones that we bring to the forefront in the web show: Proper-Gander.

We created this web series with the understanding that media is a tool of white power to brainwash the masses of African and Indigenous people with values and ideas that discourage us from fighting back. With proper political education mixed in with some knowledge of psychology and symbolism, we can break down the ideas that are put forward in white power media and expose how they plant them in our heads on some ole’ insception type shit.

 Living in the Imperialist heart of the world, the US of A, everywhere we look there is some cracker bullshit they tryna shove down our throats. That is why we have so many neocolonial sellouts out here steppin and fetchin. Anyone watching our show will be equipped to see through the BS with clarity of mind and KNOW the US and the other Colonial nations are the enemy of African and Indigenous people abroad. We are effectively planting the seeds for Revolutionary Cadre to bloom.

#ProtectOurGirls; Predatory State Protects Predators

White power has always protected rapists and predators.That is because it is a system built on theft, pillaging, rape, and exploitations. It is a system that must protect predators, because it is a predatory system. A system built by predators for predators. White power is a  predatory system build on the exploitation of the working class colonized masses.

Imagine picking up your daughters for from your white ex wife’s house, only to find out that your  children have been sending inappropriate videos to their step father. This was the horrifying experience of one black father in early April 2019.  

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Da Revolutionary Book Club; Assatta Taught Me white Power ain’t Sh**t

Mother. Daughter. Fighter. Revolutionary! 

Those are just some of the words that come to mind when you think of our dear Comrade, sister Assata Shakur! A BAD ASS sister who is #MUVA to many of us who have decided to answer the call of our ancestors to end the oppression of our people and to put wyt power on its ASS!

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These Limp Wrists Shoot; Black Hammer Arms GSNA

The power of Black Hammer lies within the people. PERIODT! We’re on mission to build Black power and it starts with the people. Black Hammer struggles to educate, discipline and spark the collective with POWER. We do this for all African and colonized people under the boot of wyt power. This is why Black Hammer is creating our own gun club!

 Our gun club is focused primarily on the GSNA (Gender and Sexually Non-Conforming African) members of the community. They have been affected by systematic violence that only the community can protect against. The Black Hammer Gun Club seeks to offer all African and colonized people this protection. History teaches us that true freedom has always been determined by the armed and oppressed. The beauty of the Black Hammer organization is based on this belief.

 When the Panthers stormed the Assembly Chamber of Sacramento in the wild summer of 1967 the world watched this display of black defiance. This moment became engraved in history. It taught us that the system shakes when we use discipline and act inside our rights to defend ourselves. We cannot expect help let alone true aid from the porky pig police. They serve as the guards of the system. They brutalize us yet they’re supposed to be “keepers of the peace.” For that reason, Black Hammer desires to arm and train the people in self-defense. Self-defense not only teaches one how to fight, it also teaches one how to preserve their lives and freedom. When Black Hammer was formed it’s founding ideal was the people’s freedom through the people’s armed might and power.

 We have a right to defend ourselves!

 Black Power!



The Peoples Struggle in the Slums.


South Bend, IN – BLVD Capital Investments, the firm owning Miami Hills Apartments, is an enemy of it’s poor and working class Black residents. Local activists and organizers affiliated with a new local movement called “Fix It Forward” came to our people’s defense, taking pics of the conditions that our people have been forced to live in. Nearly 140 families live in this slump where there are no working showers, leaking pipes, mice infestations, mushrooms growing through the cracks of walls, and untreated mold spreading throughout the guts of the complex.  

Organizers notified the property management company who clearly dgaf! They even offered to volunteer their skills and labor in order to fix the apartments! Still no response, the organizers turned to a local news station ABC57 and the acting Council member, Jake Teska, to make the public aware of the situation.

Because of the people’s public outrage, the property management company was forced to respond. Activists called a press conference so that the owners could address the conditions. It was reported by local newspaper The South Bend Tribune that 6 apartment units inspected by a city code enforcement inspector, all failed inspections with one apartment condemned. 

Because of the outrage of our people, the property management company began making “repairs”, however it was discovered that  the contractors hired to paint the buildings were covering untreated mold with paint. Organizers then took the struggle to social media, where they have 2300 followers in their Fix It Forward Facebook group, to inform our people about these acts of genocide.  

The organizers are forming a tenant association and drafting a set of demands for residents to provide to the owner. Black Hammer salutes the members of Fix It Forward as they fight for the human right to safe and affordable housing for working class masses! It is through the power of the organized masses that we can overturn our colonial conditions. 

Forward the African Revolution! 

Black Hammer is an organization focused on building Black Power. Under the leadership of the African proletariat, our mission is to use our collective building power to strengthen all sectors of the African Nation. Currently, our physical and intellectual labor is being coerced to build for the capitalist white colonial state, but it can be redirected to a noble cause. We will organize our labor to be of service to our people. Our symbol, the Black Hammer represents breaking the chains of imperialism and building a sustainable future for all African people worldwide.

By: Simphiwe Sankara 


Black Hammer Book Club, reading the words of our ancestors.

The Black Hammer’ Revolutionary Book Club took on the task of making radical political education accessible to the masses of Africans via the Black Hammer Facebook page. Every Sunday morning at 11:00 am EST we cover certain sections of books, articles, or other works. The first book assigned was Jamil Al-Amin’s (H Rap Brown) Classic work Die Nigga Die. The book is a provocative, vulgar, raw, and uncut read . H Rap Brown wrote the book  like he’s speaking on any street corner in any hood in America in a language that anyone can comprehend. This book goes into colorism, capitalism, imperialism, tribalism and so many other situations in such a simplistic way for the masses to digest. This book was an easy introduction for attendees who are new to political life. Many participants testified how informative the read was for them. Africans from all over the African  Diaspora tune into our discussions. Participants have the opportunity to call and join the live discussion or they can comment online. We strive to make it as interactive as possible and we have a lot of great commentary. Our next book Is Assata : An Autobiography by Assata Shakur. Our social media team galvanized the people into joining the book club. We’ve only been meeting for a few weeks now and each session has had over a thousand viewers from the day of the live meeting. The Book Club motivated viewers to join the Black hammer organization and sparked a sharp increase in followers to the organization’s page. It’s been a great start and it’s only up from here! Black Power!

Dancing in the Flames of the Revolution!

This summer Black Hammer will be introducing Kucheza Moto, a weekly dance class right here in the city of Hotlanta! Kucheza Moto means dancing flame in Swahili!

Led by Chief Dia, the Kucheza Moto weekly dance class will be for young Black children, teenagers, and adults to dance and perform; where we won’t waste our time tryna’ conform to what mainstream media has deemed to be the so called “standard” of dance,   Like ballet for instance .

 No shade to our brothers and sisters who are classically trained but what we can’t deny is that many Black children, teenagers, and adults are made to feel less than  just because they might not know how to properly point their toes or be able to stretch from here to beyond heaven!

 We provide a platform for the poor and working class Black parents who see the gifts their babies possess but cannot afford to pay for these expensive ass ballet classes. And just like every other white dominated but BLACK created space, we don’t get to see reflections of ourselves within professionalized dance arenas. Shout out to the incomparable brilliant Choreographer, dancer, and producer Alvin Ailey, rest in power!

The Kucheza Moto weekly dance class will fuel the natural passion and talents of dance within the Black community, unhindered and unapologetically BLACK to manifest into dance forms that are reflective of US!  We’re talking about African, Hip Hop, Twerk, and Contemporary dance styles. We taking it back to the Motherland!

The Kucheza Moto dance class will also serve as one of Black Hammer’s revenue streams to make sure the organization can sustain itself. The class will be taught in beginner and advanced sessions, the beginner session at $20 and the advanced session at $25. 

Chief Dia and the Kucheza Moto committee are working diligently to secure a venue and launch date so keep your eyes open to find out more details! For more information and updates follow us on social media.

Get ready to dance in the flames of revolution!

Black Power!



Kucheza Moto’s Mission


The mission of the Kucheza Moto weekly dance class is to validate and cultivate the talents of dance and performance within Black children, teenagers, and adults centered around revolutionary culture; to instill within them that there is no standard of dance that they must achieve in order to perform on a professional level.

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Lil-Cnote:Free for another summer!

We have won Lil C-Note another summer, and the Cobb County judicial court and Judge Wayne Gannis are shaking in their boots!

On May 24th Black Hammer made the slave auction courts of Cobb county feel the heat! And we know they felt it. Our first clue was when they canceled the court date and then rescheduled for the same date a couple of hours later. They tried to confuse and discourage us from showing up and showing out.

That didn’t stop us though, we kept applying dat pressure! After three hours outside the courthouse, we were given word from an insider on the case that the judge was too nervous to even do his job! The attention of the masses and the media struck the judge with anxiety. They want to reschedule Lil C-Note’s court case to a place and time that the public won’t know about so they can try and judge this young boy in secret.

But we know it’s gonna be August 12th, and we’re gonna be there! This summer they’re gonna feel the Heat! We are also gonna be outside Cobb county magistrate court July 11th-12th (9am-12pm). Standing proudly In defense of our brother Lil C-Note and all the African children, men, women and gender non conforming folk who are brutalized and unjustly tried by the slave auction courts in the United Snakes of American every damn day.


What right does this judge, or the jury members or even the Cumberland mall have to judge this 12 year old? We say that they have none and that in fact, it is them who must be put on trial. We are putting them on day trial for attacking our community in service of an alien and colonial nation. We charge them with aggravated assault on our youth with the intent of using them for slave labor in their private prisons. We charge them with genocide!

We want all charges against Lil C-Note dropped because he is innocent! We want the pig officer to face consequences for brutalizing our young brother, and we want the Cumberland mall to pay reparations for the physical and emotional damages they caused Lil C.

Looking to get involved? Join us at



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The Wayne General Simmons Foundation and Black Hammer’s 1st Annual Feeding the Needy Easter event

The Wayne General Simmons Foundation and Black Hammer’s  1st Annual Feeding the Needy Easter event

The Black Hammer organization is partnering with the Wayne General Simmons Foundation

For the 1st Annual Feeding The Needy Easter event. The event will take place on Easter Sunday (April 21, 2019) at a local park in Savannah, GA.

The Wayne G Simmons foundation was founded and is currently run by his mother, Ms. Dorothy Simmons. The WGSF was created in memory of her son, Wayne General Simmons

Wayne was drafted by the Green Bay Packers with the 15th pick of the first round of the 1993 NFL Draft. He played for Green Bay for four and a half years, earning a Super Bowl ring at the end of the 1996 season.. Wayne died in a single car crash in 2002.

Ms. Simmons spoke about being homeless with her children at one point in her life. She expressed how loving and caring Wayne was as a person–how much he cared for others. Feeding the Needy was the best way she could think of to honor his memory. Ms. Dorothy stated that she feels as though Wayne has been forgotten.  She would like to make sure his legacy is remembered and is one of Love.

To volunteer for this event and for more information, please contact via Facebook at The Wayne General Simons Foundation. Please donate to help feed as many people in need as possible at All funds received will be used to supply food.

Black Hammer is here

The Black Hamma is here!

On February 3, 2019, the Black Hammer Organization was introduced onto the scenes of the revolutionary struggle for African liberation.

The event was hosted at The Black Dot Cultural Center, located in Lithonia, GA! Started with a welcome by Diakiesse Lungisani and Gazi Kodzo, the launch party included many practical and inspiring presentations.

Comrades traveled from Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, and upstate New York to guarantee the successful launch of The Black Hammer Organization. The launch was a success and marked the birth of an organization that truly represents the African working class!

The first presentation was given by HIV health Specialist Kasheena Washington! Working with Westcare Georgia, Miss Washington had been spreading awareness about HIV and its treatment in the black community for two years!

After this, the people heard a concise presentation by Comrade Raphael Myles, who has been in the fitness and health business for five years. The benefits he has experienced from being disciplined in diet, exercise, sexual restraint and positive perspective have made him determined to share his knowledge with the people!

The last presentation was given by international artist brother Cephas Bradley who is has been producing masterpieces since the age of 6, inspired by the world around him and the lessons that it teaches him about life under colonialism.

Through his keynote presentation, Chief Gazi Kodzo laid out why an organization such as Black Hammer is needed in this period where the revolutionary fever of our people is steadily on the rise! Comrade Thomas Williams traveled all the way from Brooklyn, NY to cater the event and the food was LIT!

The event marked a new beginning in a 400-year-old battle. It was the birth of an organization by African people for the liberation of poor and working-class Africans everywhere.

Black Power!

Forward to African Liberation!