Women in the Mozambiquan Revolution

By: Kimya Banks Chief of Economic Development

As former colonial powers, such as Great Britain and France, were granting their colonies independence, Portugal was striving to maintain its colonial authority over its three “overseas provinces:” Guinea-Bissau, Angola, and Mozambique.

Guinea-Bissau gained its independence on September 10, 1974, after 11 1/2 years of armed conflict. Angola gained its independence on 11 November 1975, after 14 years of armed conflict.

Mozambique succeeded in achieving independence on June 25, 1975, after a civil resistance movement known as the Carnation Revolution, which was backed by portions of the Portuguese military, overthrew their military dictatorship, thus ending 470 years of Portuguese colonial rule in the East African region.

The Mozambique War of Independence was a conflict between the Salazar-Caetano dictatorship and the Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (FRELIMO). FRELIMO waged a guerilla “People’s War” to destabilize the colonial government and unite all Mozambicans to the cause of independence. To stamp out the rebellion, the Salazar-Caetano regime pursued a brutal counter-guerrilla campaign, utilizing the Portuguese Armed Forces.

While women were among the most vulnerable victims of the war, they were also its unintended beneficiaries. With war comes a weakening of the state and the traditional family, which affords women unprecedented opportunities to break free from patriarchal control. During times of war, when women’s subjugation and marginalization are exacerbated by heightened levels of physical and sexual violence, it is because the men are either off to war, maimed or dead, that the women are empowered to break free from patriarchal constraints. Some women seized the opportunities afforded them by war and prospered, especially as informal entrepreneurs. A few rose to the occasion and became engaged in civil society activism, such as setting up victim support networks and participating in peace-building.

Gender inequality and violence against women were not uncommon features of pre-colonial Mozambique. Women were a subordinate ‘second sex.’ Rooted in political economy, the subjugation of women was reinforced by the sex division of labor at the economic level and by the ideology of patriarchy at the political level. Colonialism introduced women to new Western forms of sexism, which were often more oppressive to women than what previously existed. In the more urban areas, where strangers were now neighbors, colonialism eroded the support mechanisms of the pre-colonial society: the traditional extended family, kinship ties, ‘economy of affection,’ and thereby exposed women to greater vulnerabilities and insecurities. Continue reading “Women in the Mozambiquan Revolution”

Who’s really REAL?!

By Diakiesse Lungisanni Chief of Political Education and Culture

Fem Queen performance has been and will ALWAYS be one of my fave’ categories when it comes to the Ballroom scene. For those of you who have been living under a rock during the era of the FX show Pose, a fem queen is basically a transgender woman who competes in the Ballroom scene. Fem Queen Performance is a category where Fem Queens compete against each other through voguing.

The sensuality, THE HAIR! Most importantly the pure, raw, uncut creativity CANNOT be matched anywhere else! 

“What in the entire f*ck?” was my reaction when I was watching some recent clips of the Fem Queen Performance category at The Last Time to Shine Ball, Old School Edition, via Youtube, where this Icon, a supposed leader within the Ballroom scene, criticized and CHOPPED a young transgender woman because she was wearing padding. This clip alone has started a conversation, not only within the Ballroom scene but in the GSNA/Black Queer sector of our nation as a whole. What became overwhelmingly clear was the divide between GSNA men and African transgender women, and the disgusting, vile ideals of gender “normality” forced upon us by wyt power!

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Fuck a Green New Deal, We need a Red, Black and Green New Deal

By : Chief Robert Quinones of Agitation & Propaganda 

Umm, has anyone actually read Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s proposal for a green new deal?  That shit is trash. Liberals and Bernie bros have been fawning over the “progressive” forces in the Democratic party like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Bernard Sanders.  

They think that this lil click represents an anti-establishment “radical” force that can represent their interests, is the first step in taking on the one percent and fighting climate change.  What these liberals fail to understand is that the “squad” is a TOOL of the white ruling class. 

Lets lay it all out: the Democrats and the Republicans are two wings of the same bird, and that bird is White Power Imperialism.  On one side you have the Republicans; some bumbling idiots who can’t hide their racism and show their love of free-market capitalism any time they get the chance.  On the other side, you have the Dems-still idiots but at least they know that they have to pretend to give a damn about the struggles people are concerned with if they want the masses of people to have faith in the US government.  

To use Malcolm X’s metaphor, the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is the difference between a Fox and a Wolf; one is shrewd and slick, the other announces itself with its proud howl; both will bite cho motha f*ckin ass.  Let’s look at history, for an example. In 2016 Hilary “we came, we saw, he died” Clinton ran on a platform of tryna be the first female president. She acted like she was being progressive to appeal to a largely white feminist voting base.  In that same year, Donald Trump ran on a platform of hating Mexicans and mocking disabled people, a return to American values.  

Both candidates share the same basic principles and support systems in place, that keep colonized people oppressed.  It’s not like Hillary ISN’T a racist like Donald. She stole the money raised to help Haiti after a devastating earthquake to PAY FOR HER DAUGHTER’S WEDDING! And how feminist is it to have instilled a market of sex slaves in Libya after assassinating Muhmar Ghadafi?  This basic dynamic is present in every presidential election of fake progressive values vs traditional values (y’all remember when Obama was supposed to bring change?). It gives the masses of people the illusion of choice.

All that being said, the talking point that is “The Green New Deal” is just the most current example of the same dynamic of fake-progressive vs traditionalism at play.  In order to counteract trump’s raw uncut white nationalist values, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is proposing a plan for a “greener” more “efficient” white supremacy, that the Dem’s can speak to in the upcoming 2020 elections.  The masses of people are concerned with environmental catastrophe. They are concerned about wealth inequality so the Democrats have to make it so capitalism can feign concern about these issues and instead of solving them, they profit off people’s want for real change.

Now, does Alexandria Cortez’s outline present an answer to the problems of Climate Change and all that? Upon my inspection of the document, the answer is an astounding hell da fuck naw.  Essentially, the proposal is a call to make a greener industry in the world’s premier empire: the US of A.  

The document is coded in the rosey language of your typical liberal, they express an interest in changing  “systemic injustice” and a want to protect “people of color”. In the same breath, they promote “labor market flexibility” and “entrepreneurialism ”. Liberals don’t understand it but this language makes it clear.  The green new deal doesn’t aim to save the planet, it aims to save capitalism.


The capitalist economy was created and is maintained by the process of ruthless exploitation of Africans and Indigenous peoples called colonialism.  All the products in the European countries are made from natural materials stolen from Africa, The Middle East, Asia, and South America. And so long as this parasitic system exist, the planet’s natural resources will be extracted indefinitely leading to ecosystem degradation and climate change.  


The only difference between capitalism as it stands and capitalism under the green new deal is what resources the white world demands.  Before America would destabilize and invade countries for oil, now it will destabilize and invade countries for lithium. It would be naive to think its just a coincidence that the CIA backed coup in Bolivia had nothing to do with the fact that country is a foremost producer of lithium, the essential elements that make electric cars possible. 

There are even overt imperialist tones that appear in the oh so progressive green new deal like this part: “with the aim of making the United States the international leader on climate action, and to help other countries achieve the Green New Deal.” The United Snakes always wants to be the police of the world, even though people see that it got no moral leg to stand on. We Remember when the US “helped” Haiti or “helped” Puerto Rico and “helped” Libya.  This Green New Deal is an attempt to seem legitimate to a growing population of people that can see through their BS.

Bottom line, the planet cannot survive under a system that prioritizes profit over people and the environment. No kind of deal that the white ruling class presents us with can change that.  The eco-system was fine until the settlers left europe and started bringing diseases and extinction to people and nature alike.  

We must tear down the colonial capitalist system and replace it with a Decolonized Socialist system!  & rediscover our relationship to the land as Africans and Indigenous people!  

Join Black Hammer and help us build a truly sustainable future!


#BrandonSurvived police brutality: Columbia South Carolina


Black Hammer stands with the Legette family and condemns the Columbia Police Department for the unjustified attempted murder of Sir Brandon Legette, a member of the community of Columbia, SC, who survived being shot twice in the head, execution-style, by a police officer.

On August 24, 2019, Sir Brandon was stopped by police officers in a Food Lion parking lot after clocking out from his second job. His mother, Robbin Legette, knew nothing of the situation and only found out via the local news, at which point she drove to the hospital where Sir Brandon was being treated. She was not allowed to see him because he was in police custody. Sir Brandon survived being shot twice in the head with no brain damage and no vital injuries. One of the bullets only grazed him, and the other entered the back of his head and exited his face, but only passed through between his skull and brain. Per the instructions of the police, the hospital staff refused to provide Sir Brandon or his mother Robbin Legette with any information. Sir Brandon was transported directly into police custody and then jail, where he remains on a $250,000 bond and is recovering from being shot twice in the head by the police. While in custody, Sir Brandon is still experiencing headaches but has only received a single Cat Stan (computed tomography), the results of which have not been released to him or his family.

Let’s come together and support the Legette family as they fight for justice, against the system of police and ‘justice’ systems that oppress us! Use the hashtag #BrandonSurvived to spread the story and awareness. Join us in demanding justice for Sir Brandon Legette!

Sign the petition below:

-Hee Jun Suh (they/them)



#BrandonSurvived, So we organize!


Through a literal miracle #BrandonSurvived! The Columbia South Carolina pigs did what all u.s. pigs do; they harassed, brutalized, and in this case tried to murder a Black man. Brandon unlike so many of our African brothers, sisters, and gender non conforming family who have been brutalized by the pigs, survived the vicious execution-style encounter.

This African Brother, who worked two jobs to provide for his family, left work early the mourning of August 24th only to get harassed by the pig chief, Sean Rollins. This is after the pigs were already targeting and intimidating him at his jobs prior to the incident. 

First of all, Brandon’s first Job was on private property so they shouldn’t even have been on the premises to get his tags. They illegally inspected his vehicle, took his plates, and left him with a threat “ I know where you are. I know how to get you now”. said a friend of the pig who attempted to execute Bandon. These pigs are a straight-up terrorist organization.

These disgusting white nationalists ambushed this brother as he left his job at 2:30 Am. Sean Rollins stalked the brother in the early hours of the morning and carried out an assassination attempt. Shooting Brandon twice in the head. One bullet which went between his brain and his skull, another that grazed his head. Brandon could hear them orchestrating a lie about why they shot him, as he bled out on the pavement

Of course, the pig department didn’t want Sean Rollins to suffer any consequences for doing what is expected of american pigs so they put him on paid leave.

So just to recap: these agents of parasitic capitalism and white power illegally searched his vehicle, harassed and threatened him. That same day these terrorists illegally stopped him in the middle of the night and shot him twice in the head!

We have also received reports of harassment, while Brandon was still hospitalized, fighting for his life to recover from the incident, by other friends of the pig department. Brandon even had to sit through unauthorized interrogation from the murderous pig’s cousin. At one point they even blocked his own mother from visiting him. Continue reading “#BrandonSurvived, So we organize!”

Decolonize Yo Diet:“Dhokla”


Gujarati Cuisine

By: Chief Gigi Lopez, General Secretary

Black Power Comrades!

For this section of Decolonize Yo’ Diet we are going all the way to West India. This recipe was provided by a comrades grandmother from our Agitation & Propaganda Team!

We chose a very tasty snack called “Dhokla” that basically translates to fermented batter derived from rice and chickpeas. It is a very popular snack and street food in parts of India and can even be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or preferably just as a snack. One of my favorite things about this snack is that it can be served hot, cold or room temperature and it still slaps!

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Decolonizing Time Itself

By: Chief Mouhamadou Diagne

As impossible as it may seem the settler has managed to colonize the abstract phenomenon that is time itself. I refer to “time” here as both a resource that is violently exploited from the working-class colonized masses and a way of measuring the passing of the present.

Human beings have always measured time by looking at nature. Whether it’s using the sun, the moon,  or the seasons we have always looked to nature to keep track of the passing of time.

The Ancient Egyptians used large obelisks to track the movement of the sun, to measure the passing of time. Other societies like the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China used the flowing of water to measure the passing of time.

The colonization of time happened in two different ways. Firstly the way in which we count and measure time has been violently forced on colonized people across the world. Secondly, the actual time colonized people have available to themselves has been colonized for capitalist exploitation.

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The Significance of Colonized Children’s Stories

By: Chief Nyah Akerele

How many African’s and Indigenous individuals can recall our colonial education offering a true perspective on how this country, the United States of America, was founded? How many of us can remember the books we were read as children that offered affirmations of who we were as African or Indigenous people? Who were our childhood heroes or heroines? Who did we aspire to grow up and emulate? What were the causes we adopted so early in life as “noble”, “honorable”, or “brave”? What types of behavior did we view as “criminal”? What types of stores did we find comical? To what did we cling that paralleled to our indigenous cultures? What did we see in the media and read in our children’s books that made us love being us?

Many of us that were born in the late 70s and 80s make up the millennial generation and grew up with Disney, Nickelodeon, Dr. Sues, Marvel superheroes and so forth. Very few of those characters, if any, were African or Indigenous and even if they were, the narrative was skewed to such a degree that it made the oppressor look like the hero, such as in the Disney version of Pocahontas. 

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Implementing Our Mission

By: Chief Nyah Akerele

Black Hammer’s mission orbits the need to build self-determining power for our own community. When it comes to the colonized homeless community of Atlanta, many would simply surmise that this issue is nothing new. Homelessness has been plaguing the African and Colonized community since our presence in this U.S. colony, but the way Black Hammer analyzes and politicizes this problem is unique compared to how other bourgeois organizations respond to the contradiction. 

On November 30, 2019, 13 Comrades gathered at Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta and handed out food to 100 African and colonized people in under 30 minutes! The menu included curry chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, cornbread, and granola bars. Bean soup was also given as an alternative for those individuals who do not consume meat. A pair of socks and a Black Hammer pamphlet was placed in each bag given so that the individual could become mobilized to overturn the contradiction of poverty created by colonialism. 

After the food drive, Comrades gathered and united that this would be the beginning of a monthly food drive done in the Atlanta area! Comrades voiced their unity to feed African and colonized individuals and families. 

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