It’s Black Hammer Time!

Welcome to Black Hammer Time; The Newsletter of the revolution!

What is Black Hammer?

The Black Hamma is here!

Cumberland Mall is shook!

The Wayne General Simmons Foundation and Black Hammer’s  1st Annual Feeding the Needy Easter event.

We Won Lil-Cnote Another Summer of Freedom!

Dancing in the Flames of the Revolution!

Black Hammer Book Club: Reading the Words of our Ancestors.

The People’s Struggles in the Slums

The Street sweeper: Black Hammer Crew Cleans Up the Lou

#ProtectOurGirls; Predatory State Protects Predators

These Limp Wrists Shoot; Black Hammer Arms GSNA

Decolonize Yo Diet!

The Revolutionary Book Club; Assata Taught Me White Power aint Sh**t

Proper-Gander; Looking Between the Lines and the Lies of white Media

When Pigs Lie: Murder of Eric Logan Sparks Fiya of African Resistance

Slavery 2.0; From the Slave Ships to the Prison Cell

Orlando Meets Black Hammer:Good Food in the Hood

Decolonize Yo Diet; Nigerian Bust Down

ADOS: American.Descendant.Of.Slavery

Witch Doctor To Make You Switch Doctors: Revolutionary Herbalism

Black Hammer Brings Revolution To Pride!

Black Girls On The Black Market: Why We #ProtecfOurGirls