A Message from Gazi

So we have launched our new international revolutionary organization. I am kinda freaking out but Imma play it chill. It’s crazy that I am currently homeless, jobless and my car is stuck at the mechanics because I can’t afford the $1,300 it will take to fix it.

I know most people would say to me that I should be focusing on myself right now and getting myself in order before starting to build a revolutionary Organization. My answer to that would be that all of my problems individual and collective can be and will be solved through the revolution.

I can take this further to say that all African poor and working-class people are facing similar struggles and worse than I am facing right now. We must solve those contradictions through the revolution we must practice tackling what seems to be individual contradictions with collective solutions.

The white ruling class bourgeoisie plague us with constant hunger so we become opportunist by focusing on how we the individual will eat today instead of focusing on how we as a collective will eat forever. For poor and working class African and Colonized people this question is primary to solving the revolution.

In reflection I believe that African people have partaken in the collective solution of this hunger problem but without connecting it to revolutionary theory it leaves the core of the contradiction, colonialism untouched. I’ll talk more about that later … maybe lol.

What I am trying to say is me building this revolutionary organization is solving my colonial contradiction and at the same time solving the poverty questions for all African and Colonized people. Where would the revolution be if everyone said “shit im broke…i need to build or join a revolutionary organization.” White power would die almost instantly lol.

This kind of thinking may seem ridiculous but this is exactly the kind of thinking we have to get the masses of the people to adopt. That revolutionary thinking that is the goal of my new organization.

This era of the crises of imperialism has made resistance trendy, but it’s time we make revolution trendy. That is who we are, that is where we come in.
Resistance and Revolution are not the same. A child will resist by crying, whining, throwing tantrums, running away, dressing crazy, getting tattoos, using bad words and even changing their name.

Politically this is where my people are at. We are showing resistance through sexual identity, gender expression, colorful marches, radicalizing feminist theory, adopting indigenous names, starting cults in jungles, clinging to pre-colonial religions, attempting to start schools for black boys, and the list goes on.

It’s trendy to be woke, conscious, deep, pro-black, feminist, African spiritual, sexually fluid, but to be revolutionary is not popular, yet. To be apart of something that is aiming to take power is not popular, yet. To be anti-imperialist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist is not popular, yet. To be disciplined cadre that puts the needs of the collective over the individual is not popular, yet.

Resistance being popular is an annoyance to the ruling class at best. Revolution being popular is the mark of the end of the ruling class at best.
The ability to make something trendy and cool might seem minimal for most ideological geniuses, but without this component no revolutionary theory will be able to be grasped by the masses of the people and become a material force that will end these days of oppression.

Of course, grasping the minds of the masses is supposed to be a primary question for every revolutionary to struggle to solve. What I have seen though from most leftist groups and individuals is little to no understanding of the landscape of that battle and how it changes consistently. But that’s another conversation; let’s get back to this new organization lol.

When I left my prior organization, I was confronted with the question what would be next for me? The way I internalized that question was, what was next for this new generation of revolutionaries?

What attracted many to that organization and others like it was the promise of freedom. They showed us an end to this life of oppression and a promise of self-determination. Many of us who joined organizations after the murder of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were new to political life. These political groups introduced us to revolutionary theory, discipline, and organization.

There is a wasteland of cadre that have been chewed up and spit out by the hodge-podge of contradictions that riddled these organizations. They have reached out to me through social media and expressed they have grown a disdain for organization now. Some have even been so bewildered by the abilities of the imperialist state that they have decided to prematurely sit on the side lines.

Anything that takes colonized people out of revolutionary life is white power. As a revolutionary we can not allow anything to destroy cadre before the battle truly even begins. This organization will be re-energizing cadre that have been taken out prematurely and also introducing new cadre to political life.

We are not utopians or idealists. We understand that all things have contradictions. We understand that even this organization will be filled with contradictions. We cannot help that, what we can help is putting process in place to overturn contradictions as they arise.

We have not yet finalized principles of unity, framework, bylaws, and rules of engagement, but what we have united on collective leadership shall be our primary compass. We will take political education extremely seriously. A mind educated in the interest of the African working class will be able to produce the best decisions. Collective Political education will assist in motivation and clarity.

Revolution is the only way African and colonized people will be able way for us to solve all problems. Black Hammer is here mudda suckaaas