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#FreeGazi Now from Fayette County Jail!

How easy is it for us to get sucked into our screens? From binge-watching, to Fake News media shoving their propaganda down our throats, we become influenced and indifferent to the information we’re processing 24/7.

The Black Mirror

At least that’s where the state wants us to be. From Trump to Ye to Marjorie Taylor Greene, truth-speakers are exposing this slick propaganda machine.

And before July 19th, Gazi Kodzo was one of these leaders, reaching the hearts and minds of Everyday Colonized people worldwide. And because of this work, he continues to be imprisoned without evidence.

Gazo Kodzo and Puppy Gugu

For 4 months, the state of Georgia has been fishing and scrambling for evidence without success. And rather than admitting defeat and letting an innocent man walk free, they are orchestrating his murder.

Straight out of the COINTELPRO playbook, they are using a Nurse Ratchet figure to spread misinformation and lies about Gazi to dangerous and mentally unstable individuals.

The real-life Nurse Ratchet in question, Nurse Chrissy, was the main culprit when it came to spreading lies which led to one all-too eager inmate digging a hole to Gazi’s cell next-door, hoping to murder him. This plot was hatched as a weapon was uncovered in his cell.

Nurse Ratchet the on screen depiction of Nurse Chrissy

Thankfully, Nurse Chrissy has since been fired, but no explanation has surfaced. Gazi is now being punished for ensuring his safety. Because he reported his life was in danger to people sworn in to ‘protect and serve,’ he’s been banned from purchasing necessities and food from commissary for 5 weeks!

Disgusting! Empire will stop at nothing to make sure a Freedom Fighter is eliminated, using starvation tactics to force their compliance.

The truth is that Liberal Elitists of America sicked the Georgia FBI on the organization he founded, Black Hammer Party which serves the homeless. Gazi Kodzo led the feeding, clothing, and housing of hundreds of homeless people from the Streets of Atlanta for Months!

Victorious Hammers Serving the people Looks!

Because of this the Liberal FBI brought Bomb squads, snipers, and SWAT teams to where we housed our People! The Black Panther Party, MLK Jr., and Malcolm X were all targets of the FBI and the Globalists for their resistance to the New World Order to destroy the freedom of the everyday people of the world!

We weren’t scared of these elitists and sure as hell aren’t now!

Black Hammer Party is Fearless in the face of Evil just like the Black Panther Party!

So don’t let the State win. The liberals and their snake tactics are unholy and constantly need to be struggled against. You finishing this article is already fighting the liberal propaganda but take it one step further. WORK to protect a Freedom Fighter, a Christian Black man, a leader of the people who is being unjustly held as a political prisoner. We need to show that although Gazi is in Jail, the people outside have not forgotten him.

In Gazi’s First statement from Fayette County, he said,

“The oppressor sees a champion rising among the people. He knows the love between the oppressed and the new champion is what gives them power and takes his power away. To attack this unity built on objective love of service from the champion to the people, the oppressor slanders the champion and the people. He demonizes the champion by labeling him a monster of all sorts with little to no evidence, but backed by a gigantic propaganda machine that turns lies into truth and truth into lies”.

In short, we MUST build up this unity between the Champion and the PEOPLE! You are the people, and the People are UNSTOPPABLE!

Help Gazi by Calling, Sending Emails, and Mailing Postcards to Fayette County Jail to make sure they cannot kill Gazi under a a blanket of darkness. YOU can save a life!

Call Fayette County Jail

  • 770-461-6353


Send Postcards to Gazi here:

Augustus Romain
145 Johnson Avenue
Fayetteville, Georgia, 30214




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