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The Danger of Division: the Limitations of the Black Agenda Report

What is the Black Agenda Report?

Black Agenda Report (BAR) is an online leftist platform founded almost 20 years ago by Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, and Margaret Kimberley. The platform is designed to mislead Black people from fighting colonialism (our actual reality) and instead pushes us to focus on racism, aka the ideas in people’s heads, by making the KKK love Tupac and Democrats wear Kente cloth. 

[Cringe White people stealing African culture]

BAR leads the black left media sphere as a never-ending printing press focused on how white people aren’t Black people or on how they don’t understand what it means to be African in America. Big whup. Who cares what white people think. At Black Hammer we know that you’ll never have respect in America unless you organize your nation to have power. 

KKK Karen needs to Integrate with the BBQ

BAR, on the other hand, thinks that if your Hood has a pot-luck once every four months where you invite the Klan and talk about your problems, you’ll end racism. They’ll also support your local library by putting books about Black children acting like Barack “Harvard-educated” Obama or Michelle “My Hair Looks Like an Oil-Slick” Obama in the catalog system. Black Agenda Report is so deep with the establishment they regularly get cited in The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Nation.

[Mainstream Media Monopolies love division]

Why is Black Agenda Report different than Black Hammer?

When looking at Black Agenda Report (BAR) from a Revolutionary perspective, it’s a pile of crap. While BAR does critique the mainstream civil rights establishment and the Uniparty of democrats and neocons, it does not get to the root of these problems which is colonialism.

And who runs colonialism? The Jew Bankers, Black and Brown people in suits who went to Ivy-League universities, and the Billionaires, just to name a few. They run the system by looting our Nation’s people, land, and resources and stealing our ability to run our own lives at gunpoint to the point where we live like animals waiting for the slaughter. 

Gaddafi fought Slavery

The only way to stop it is to build for ourselves, make our own friends, and get our money + lives back. Unlike the Black and Brown Sellouts in suits and ties though, we are bringing everyone up with us with hard work and a team. We need a Political Party which will educate and organize everyday people for big things, like Gaddafi. He was going to unite the continent of Africa using water reservoirs and oil to make an African Currency and get free from under the boot of the elites. Unfortunately, before he could succeed his country was attacked and he was assassinated. All to say the way we solve that is how North Korea solved their problems with America.

Kim Jong-un has got the Big Guns

What does the Black Agenda Report have to say about the Anti-war Movement?

Not long ago a huge amount of political groups decided that they would benefit from having the right friends. There was a push from the People’s Party, a leftist Party, and the Libertarian Party, a right-wing Freedom Party, to unite and get a lot of people together to oppose the war in Ukraine. 

Mind you, the War in Ukraine has been the focus of the military, which eats up about half of your taxes, for the better part of two years. Joe Biden is spending 100’s of Billions of dollars on a tiny country no one can find on a map to fight Russia. In the midst of this, BAR has written barely a peep and lets all this money be spent because it doesn’t have anything to do with teaching Black kids to talk right or make white children listen to Mary J. Blige.

So what happened when this huge colonial war-machine decided to leave everyday Black people behind and let them starve and be homeless on the streets? Black Agenda Report made an article saying the Coalition of parties was too white and it didn’t have enough Black people in it…

[Confused GIF]

So while Black people are becoming homeless at record rates, can barely get essential food-stuffs like eggs, and are having to deal with kids getting brainwashed into changing their gender in kindergarten  because of the taxes going to the Dems, BAR says the ones opposing the war aren’t Black?

Remind me when these college-educated wannabe CNN anchors get a grip on reality…

So anyways these midwits are trying to convince everyone that to stop the colonial war machine from leaving everyday people to scrape by on credit cards you need to bring random Black people to speak at the event.

Seems like BAR is more focused on representation than the politics that actually affect everyday people. They don’t care about poor, working-class black people. Not when their main audience are college kid Starbucks baristas. What has representation really done for us outside of melanating our genociders and oppressors? We’re trying to get free. Not lose our humanity.

Obama drones bombs Africans


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