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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Hates Patriotic Socialist Front & Black Hammer

Black Hammer and Patriotic Socialist Front?

Black Hammer will be working together with the Patriotic Socialist Front to remake America without the Globalists, Zionists, and race-baiters!

The Patriotic Socialist Front is a diverse group of freedom fighters to unite the working masses and build a fraternity of nations bound together by a love for our people, independence, and prosperity. Fred Hampton is referenced often in our conversations with PSF since
they want to give:

“White power to white people, brown power to brown people, yellow power to yellow people, black power to black people”.

Why are we working with Patriotic Socialist Front?

Some lefties using their Twitter fingers have said “Black Nationalists and White Nationalists working together?? A match made in heaven.” And the only wrong part about it is we aren’t Black Nationalists. Poor whites have always received hatred from the white ruling class, even in the days of the original Rainbow Coalition. Liberal whites were interested in the BPP but disgusted by the Young Patriots but, as Mao said:

“To ensure that we will definitely achieve success in
our revolution and will not lead the masses astray, we must pay attention to uniting with our real friends in order to attack our real enemies.

What has been going on in everyday America?

Our communities, whether Black/African, Latino/Indigenous, Asian, or White living in America are getting the short end of the stick. The only people from our nations that live well are the petty-bourgeois or well-educated, spoon-fed, wannabe elites. If you haven’t seen on the news, the crisis surrounding poor Americans is getting real crazy.

For example, drugs are being pushed into American communities like happened with crack cocaine in the 80’s. Fentanyl, Heroin, and Prescription Opiates have caused 100,000’s of overdose deaths in the last decade, ravaging states like Ohio, West Virginia and Colorado. This attack has been encouraged by Big Pharma who’s sent all the supplies needed to push these deadly and addictive drugs into working-class communities.

Another example is this: if you’ve somehow managed to unplug yourself from the matrix of elite colonial news like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, you may not realize how much feminism has taken over the culture of America. It’s the reason you see so much divorce, single mothers, and prison sentences stealing away fathers. This has led to the state to take on a nanny role for children: the Democrat’s wet dream! This feminist agenda can be observed in the following results:

  • You have a declining birth rate, as fewer people trust the other gender enough to stay in long-term relationships;
  • The dominance of hook-up culture fueled by cheap and highly-available birth control, which ruins the reproductive systems of women and men until they are half infertile or unable to conceive;
  • And finally the Groomer agenda (aka the LGBTQ agenda) to turn children away from reproducing all together, which has led to 20% of young teens and children to identify as not straight or not their gender assigned at birth, as well as the pushing of puberty-blockers and hormones that can lead to COMPLETE sterilization

The feminist agenda intends to replace the values of relationships, family, and belief in a higher power by creating sex-obsessed broken people with no hope for the future.

But we aren’t taking this sitting down! The poor and working-class have been getting angry! Many in the white community are mad as hell and not at poor Black and Brown people; they’re correctly directing at the ELITE and are organizing to stop their agenda. Many poor whites support Trump who exposed these problems and did what he could to try and stop it, and that’s when the same liberals who lie to our faces everyday stole the election, giving it to Sleepy Joe Biden. The MAGA movement wasn’t going to take that though and, after Trump’s speech on January 6th, 100’s of people stormed the Capitol to arrest the criminals in the Democratic Party.

Little did they know it was a set-up to arrest them and have them battle the courts for years. Many also don’t realize the amount of Asians, Muslims, Latinos, Indigenous and Black people who were present at the January 6th Insurrection! The criminals in the American government are determined (like they’ve always been) to stop resistance to their agenda of destroying white and Colonized working-class people by any means necessary.

Unity for Victory

All this to say, the Black Hammer Party sees reality for what it is! The system built to keep us down is being destroyed by poor whites and that makes them our friends. In the end, they want the same thing we do: safe communities free of violence, to be taught their own history and be able to raise their kids how they choose, and to struggle against the elites that destroy their people’s lives!

So who is the Patriotic Socialist Front?

The Patriotic Socialist Front is lit! According to their website, they want to

“develop for the first time in America since the original Rainbow Coalition an organic expression of socialist ideals for national liberation. This is a peaceful and law-abiding movement which seeks to use the organized power of the working class to facilitate the empowerment of the American people. Our focus is the various peoples of the United States. Our American socialism can take inspiration from history and foreign movements, but it is grounded and rooted in our heritage and distinctive conditions.”

They want the Black and Brown communities of America to not go back to 1950’s-style segregation; instead, they want a future where we lead real nations that are united and protected by the nations of other White, Native, and Latino peoples. While we all believe in complete self-determination and independence, we realize that without unity and cooperation we will never be able to defend ourselves from foreign powers like Israel from controlling us!

Land Back!



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