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Elon Musk: Friend or Foe

By Llabe

Black Hammer believes in building a world where no one lives at the expense of another, where technology can free people from oppression and confusion, and the Culture of Humanity can develop to the benefit of the human spirit.

At the end of the day when the current elites are forcing Africa to be underdeveloped then what’s the value of so-called liberal internationalism?

At the end of the day if Latin Americans can’t go to space because all the elites want is cheap food what is the point of NATO and the UniPolar order?

In this great struggle of development, we see a figure like Elon Musk has great influence. How could he not influence while running, founding, and bankrolling nearly 10 companies that advance the cutting edge of science, engineering, and social life?

Elon Musk is so connected!

With such strong influence, we as Black Hammer take a strong stance on him.

In the past, Black Hammer Party has thoroughly condemned a figure like Musk as he united with the colonial interests of capitalism and sought to destroy sovereignty in Bolivia and engage in Regime Change.

To give a quick recap, Jeneane Anez a neocolonialist took over Bolivia for a short time and became a puppet for the Globalists. Globalist Interests in Bolivia are hungry for Lithium primarily. Globalists also want the great optics for a Majority Indigenous nation under globalist control to push Bill Gates’ Land Back™ agendas.

Jeneane Anez hiding in a box, a literal box ?

In his recent Purchase of Twitter, many expected the libertarian streak musk seemed to have allowed the social media to flourish. Instead of unbanning many suspended accounts, he sought to please Advertisers by suspending recently reactivated accounts of Ye or otherwise maintaining the same policies which led to the creation of alternatives like GAB to rise with the ban on Alex Jones.

Elon Musk today has disappointed regarding the rising multipolar world symbolized by BRICS. Musk has taken the side of the United State’s deep state by supporting Ukrainian Nazi Battalions with StarLink.

Even in this case though, Musk caused distrust and instability by threatening to shut down the satellite internet service after Ukraine’s Zelensky refused to release reports on where funds are going.

The other part of this story has left Nazi Supporting Zelensky bitter and alienated from Musk after he proposed a Peace deal where the borders of uKKKraine were… altered, with Russia successful in their struggle for genuine Land Back.

Internet for the war in uKKKraine

He also has done a lot to make ties with China and the US more positive with Tesla working in the nation and helping the economy.

Given the opportunistic nature of Musk in regard to geopolitics and pushing against the rising leadership of BRICS, Iran, North Korea, etc he is in opposition to the genuine trajectory of history, pushing war while the people want peace.

BRICS rising!

Culturally he appeared to push a civil libertarian attitude towards free speech, but quickly showed his hand when it came to the Freedom Fighters Alex Jones, Ye, and many others. He said one thing and did another, in a typical liberal fashion.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make an entertaining tweet that cuts at the Liberal establishment but that is it, entertainment.

Economically he maintains the trajectory of advancing technology in any way possible. Neuralink enhancing the brain-to-computer connection can create entirely new ways of existing, but the consequences of such an opportunistic Department of Defense asset like Musk leading the effort would be terrible for the Colonized masses who only want self-determination from unipolar military power.

We will see if his disruptions grow or wane, and report accordingly to his actions.

Self Determination or Bust!



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