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Ditch The Democrats Before They Dig You a Ditch!

By Cheem

The Democratic Party pulled out all the stops in these midterm elections. With Biden confirming delays in election results, the regime is stealing the elections.

It’s so obvious when the whole west coast is STILL counting ballots, deciding which party has control of the u.$. House and Senate.

You know these frauds are desperate when they’re turning to Tik Tok for propaganda!

Woke Politics

They are specifically using “woke” politics, to draw in votes. All of which does nothing for the real working class anywhere.

Meant to distract and disunite the working class, these culture wars are further dividing the poor working class.

For example instead of school safety, Critical Race Theory is being taught in classrooms. Guess all that knowledge will do the kids well when the next shooting happens!

Other woke politics include LGBTQ rights, crumbs in the form of welfare, and cancel culture.

They are aiming at naive and liberal college students to no one’s surprise!

You Will Be Used and Your Votes Will Only Be Stolen

To be true the Plantation Party is aiming at Black and Brown people who have the potential to vote but haven’t for quite some time.

However, students aren’t the only target for the demoncrat party; voting blue is being pushed down the throats of poor working-class neighborhoods across the united snakes.

They already got a whole boot on their necks!

Stolen election after stolen election—whether it was the infamous 2020 steal or crazy Bernie’s campaign stealing millions of dollars in grassroots donations—everyone is fed up with the lies being pushed by the democrats.

Promising one thing or another and coming up short every time, it’s time we fight back against the global elitists.

“You vote once in four years and that’s your political responsibility? That’s the height of bourgeois propaganda, making the people politically irresponsible” — Kwame Ture

Fight for freedom and true justice by saying NO to the demon-RATS! Fight for YOUR life’s hard labor and resources, ignore the bribes from these woke politicians by building real power.

To strike back against Tyranny & struggle for freedom, help the Black Hammer Party Free our comrades! Sign the petition for Governor Kemp to #FreeTheBHP3 [].

To support the struggle for truth, support us online at Cashapp: $BlackHammerOrg




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