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Fayette County Strikes Again: Part Two

By Chief Llabe

The Elites of Georgia’s Fayette County have been attacking poor and working-class Black and Brown people for centuries; the first article exposing this is posted here

To further expose the rot of elitism in Fayette, we need to go back in time to the founding of Fayette. Like all civilization in Australia, Canada, and other nations, liberal elitist europeans occupied and colonized the land through a Trojan horse strategy: they came, they traded, then (divided and) conquered. The Europeans noticed that while they were outnumbered, they could travel and spread misinformation to the natives like the Creek of Fayette as well as the African peoples, pitting not only our nations against each other, but the young against the old, the men against the women, and countless other differences. 

Free Peoples of the Creek Nation, Exposed

The Creek people had their population decimated by diseases brought by the Spanish.

The level of democracy, equality, and power dynamics was very advanced for the Creek, where central leaders enjoyed freedom within the bounds the masses set for them. If you feed, clothe, and house the people, defend them from threats, and have decency, then you will stay in leadership. If you are lazy in providing the people their daily requirements, cowardly in the face of enemies, and lead your life with no morals, then you will fall from good graces. This way of life afforded Creek massive trade networks, where they traded local goods like squash, native sweet potato, sunflowers, Jerusalem artichoke, amaranth, sumpweed, and chenopodium.

The Creek also engaged in a highly conscious hunter-gathering system, where knowledge of nature was used not only to serve humanity, but preserve nature. They did controlled fires in the fall, created the piedmont, and executed other human engineering feats to maintain stable food sources for themselves and the ecosystems! This was much more beneficial than Monsanto’s agenda to impoverish the world’s farmers and get people addicted to nutrition-less frankenfood.

Even before the liberal elite settlers came along, traders unknowingly and knowingly brought diseases to people. The Arawaks of modern day Cuba for instance were killed by diseases carried by the Spanish to reduce the population. Sound like COVID-19 to you? Yes, this has been the liberal elite strategy for centuries.

Plot of Liberal Elites, Exposed

More land and a dying Creek population meant more labor was needed, so thousands of Africans were forcibly brought to Fayette County.

Resulting in a 95% reduction in population over 200 years, biological warfare is how liberal elitist Europeans introduced themselves to the Land. Mass graves, decimated families, and culture radically taken over by liberal elitist europeans is what followed. The state of leadership for the Creek was tested by these back-to-back tragedies, and was exploited by the foreign elite to pit them against neighboring tribes like the Cherokee for decades.

It wasn’t until 1745 did the Spanish elite lose control of Fayette County as the British Navy took more and more land for agriculture in the expansion plan. At the same time, millions of Africans who had been forcibly kidnapped and brainwashed by the same liberal elite into being slaves were brought to the shores of Creek land, known as Turtle Island, to work on plantations growing cotton, corn, wheat, peas, sorghum, potatoes, sugarcane, peaches and apples along with dairy farming, sheep and poultry-raising.

This forced work and labor of Africans and assimilated Creek laid the foundations of the modern liberal establishment we currently live in. A massive working class of poor Black, Brown, and some white people disciplined through an intricate and cruel “justice” system. Disease, torture, and isolation awaited those accused of not being “politically correct,” unwilling to give away your hard work to a liberal elite, or creating your own independent societies based on a traditional way of life. A Liberal Elite publishing writing, building schools, even infiltrating places of faith to push political messaging putting the working classes in further disdain, self-hatred, and envy of their oppressors. The products of the working class then went to enrich the foreign elite of Britain, the intelligentsia in the city of London in particular. This nearly mirrors the foreign elitist George Soros-backed judicial systems in many u.s. cities, along with the daily Christmas giveaway of resources the Biden regime sends to ukkkraine, and the starvation wages and supply chain crisis our working class is going through right now.

Sleepy Joe signs ANOTHER $3 BILLION to ukkkraine for its independence day. How much did YOU get paid on the Fourth of July?

These contradictions even led to the liberal elite rebelling against the foreign elite of Britain, starting the American Revolution where the liberals took total control of the Land. Not long after pushing British loyalist politics, the liberal elite then took to large scale, systematic, and intense population control. Concentration Camps swelled with Indigenous families while their armies were given ultimatum after ultimatum: resistance or your family?

Even after the huge decimation of the population, thousands of Indigenous people in Fayette were sent on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. Andrew Jackson’s plan was to pit Indigenous people against each other. Specifically the fierce Lakota were a thorn for Jackson, so he made sure the Creek were given “wild land” in the middle of their territory. Thousands died from this liberal elitist gerrymandering scheme.


After the Civil War and at the beginning of Reconstruction, Africans and Indigenous people made inroads to self determination. Not just voting but taking the Land for themselves, many families joined together to build prosperity. At the same time however the Demoncrat KKK rose up from the elites and took out their frustration from losing against the freedom fighters. Regardless of the bloodshed, cowardly european republicans did nothing and allowed the KKK Demoncrats to take root in Fayette. Sharecropping replaced slavery and this economic enslavement once again bred a spirit of resistance among the poor and working class colonized people of Fayette.

Sharecroppers in Georgia before the liberal policies after World War II got people working just as hard, but for much less and forced people to be much more dependent on the government.

Thousands of lynchings became the norm for freedom fighters resisting neocolonial oppression and being a wage slave in the city was the next best thing. Segregation continued though, making sure that Africans could keep more of the fruits of their labor and teaching the value of hard work outside the attachment to another people. 

One generation later, savings went up, segregation got institutionalized, and self-determination was more real than ever. The resistance to early globalists after World War II was led by revolutionaries in China, Mozambique, Angola and countless other colonized nations. In America though, the DemonKKKrats gave Africans a false struggle, integration. They convinced leaders like MLK that if you get the vote they wouldn’t sick the KKK on your women and children. That lie was just like the one during Reconstruction. The liberal elite laid out lie after lie where the very act of peaceful struggle was made illegal or semi-legal! 

Thousands of Colonized people in Fayette were arrested for free speech violations while the DemonKKKrats led lynching after lynching on the reformists and the true resistance of the time. Black separatists and Nationalists led by SNCC and the Black Panther Party rose to prominence making big moves against not only voting but the basic economic system of liberal colonialism. They built militant organizations pursuing economic self-determination which prompted the liberal elites to make COINTELPRO. This replicated the divide and conquer strategy of centuries ago to undermine the Black and Brown unity going on in the whole movement, which was making consistent steps towards Revolution!

The Black Panther Party was one of many organizations rising out of the liberal system that was teaching African people to be subservient and to not work hard for your freedom and rights.

DemonKKKrats consistently put liberal puppet organizations in place of the revolutionaries they destroyed. WIC, Food Stamps, Social Security, Disability. Anything to keep the poor and working class colonized masses on the teat of the weakening liberal elitists. 

Just like the struggles of our colonized ancestors then, Fayette County is making the struggle against Freedom Fighters under the liberal elite now headed by Sleepy Joe. He only wakes up for three things: young girls, Ukraine, and Taiwan! He sicked the liberal elitist FBI on the Black Hammer Party because we exposed the pattern of liberals attacking freedom fighters! At this time we cannot let the enemy scare the people into submission! We can build a new world upon the ashes of the old! True freedom, even after so much sacrifice, is sweeter than cheap slavery.

Land back!

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