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Fayette County Strikes Again: Part One

By Chief Llabe

People who live on the internet all day have gotten a very skewed view of what really goes on in Fayette County, Georgia. Ever since the July 19th ambush on the Black Hammer Party Headquarters, international media has been buzzing about what the consequences will be for the Black Hammer Party. The hidden truth of Fayetteville lies deep in the underbelly of colonial violence that comes from the past, thrives in the present, and is ready to dominate the future if things don’t change now.

The attack on BHP by Fayetteville and Fayette County is a failed sabotage of poor and working-class Black and Brown people’s struggle for freedom in every town and country around the world! It’s nothing new, but the Fayetteville Police Department (FPD) has been terrorizing, jailing, and murdering colonized people to make political points. Biden’s liberal FBI has pushed Black and Brown Freedom Fighters into gulags of political prisoners, similar to what happened during the American Civil War.

Here are a few examples of racism in Fayette County:

The detective described below works for the Fayetteville Police Dept.

An off-duty police officer was targeted by a liberal Walmart employee who was too lazy to confirm that the man was not a serial shoplifter. The police officer made sure to show his ID and badge to reassure the employee that he was not the shoplifter in question, but due to the Walmart employee’s dishonesty about his poor decision-making and sloppy work, the police came and handcuffed the off-duty detective who was also Black. It was only when the police talked with the detective that he was finally let go.

FPD can barely be blamed in this case, as discipline for those who steal resources from hardworking families who are already struggling with the food shortage is paramount. Theft from the poor and working class by the poor and working-class colonized people is nothing but horizontal violence which pits us against each other. We must get our resources from those that actually loot our resources like corrupt liberal politicians. 87,000 IRS employees are planning on robbing the people, and enriching already rich liberal elites while the people get starved even further.

With hard work should come peace and prosperity. Does that happen in Trilith?

In the community of Trilith—a planned neighborhood in Fayetteville to keep pace with Hollywood neighborhoods for the burgeoning film industry in Atlanta—racism is seeping out! Wealthy African homeowners and families have suffered from continuous lack of basic care to their sanctuaries. While white homeowners get quick solutions for leaky roofs, Black homeowners get rebuffed for years on end. This community, though recently built, is already suffering from the old racism of second-class housing. 

A family was ignored by Trilith builders for years, allowing mold, damage, and other untold symptoms of racism to hurt this Black family. Redlining has already shown what a colonial state can do to neglect the upkeep of colonized families’ homes. Leaving rats, mold, and damaged homes to Black and Brown families reinforces white nationalism everyday! The only crime of these families is that they believe in the merit of hard work and fairness that America says it stands for (the conservative ones stand for at least).

Sports like basketball help teach young people teamwork, competition, the importance of practice and keep young people focused on positive tasks.

Another gross case of racism is the profiling of Black young men. A 19 year-old occupying himself in wholesome activities like swimming and playing basketball was targeted by FPD! Because of his dreadlocks and celebration of his culture and freedom of expression, he was followed in his neighborhood. You know who never gets targeted? The bullies in ANTIFA and the liberal moochers harassing the community about the democrats that keep their pockets full of free things!

Developing healthy skills in family-friendly environments through sports is one of the most basic methods to deter horizontal violence and crime. Along with gaining political leadership, healthy competition can build the necessary resilience to be brave in the face of injustice! After so many FBI raids on freedom fighters like Trump, we need strong, resolute, and family-oriented leaders!

FBI soldiers have been raiding hardworking truth-telling freedom fighters for decades!

At the end of the day, these few cases of attacks on Black youth, family, and police for their political values make a larger point. If Black homeowners, law-abiding youth, and police can be targeted and harassed by the FPD and Fayette County government, what happens to the masses? Hundreds of poor and working-class colonized people are arrested, jailed, and abused by the sellout, Republican in Name Only (RINO), and liberal leadership of Fayetteville every month. We must expose the full scope of the attack on revolutionary values and our Freedom Fighters who want a world where they are in control of their own lives. Fayette County can’t decide how we live, only we should be able to decide how we live. Don’t let Fayette County’s leadership take away from you the world you want to live in. It’s your world, they’re just running it. And we’re going to expose them.

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