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Marjorie Taylor Greene is Right and Here’s Why

By Chief Oju Múkaro

Earlier this month, while former President Trump was in New York City, he had his resort home at Mar-a-Lago raided by Sleepy Joe’s FBI. The claim: that Trump had about 15 boxes of documents that were meant to be returned to the National Archives at the end of his presidency. 15 boxes of papers that he walked out with apparently over two years ago that haven’t been a problem until now. Looks like federal agents are real slow when it comes to their jobs. The FBI director, Christopher Wray, who was appointed by Trump, had followed through with the search after getting a directive from the Department of Justice led by Attorney General Merrick Garland. What is it that Trump has that this nation wants to work so hard to conceal? How is a country so threatened that it attacks the very leaders it put in place to run it? It’s because when this system can’t keep reigns on truth-tellers, it comes to destroy them. And no one pointed that out better than Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene when she said, “Defund the FBI.”

The best tweet I’ve seen from a U.S. congressperson in my entire life.

Liberals, leftists and losers came out on all sides when the FBI raid happened at Mar-a-Lago. They exclaimed, “Finally!” and “Justice!” and “Now he’s got a taste of his own medicine!” and all the tone-deaf phrases and jabs the liberals are known for. And when Marjorie Taylor Greene said “DEFUND THE FBI!” on Twitter, the liberals came out again and said, “Now you don’t like the FBI now that they’re coming after you!” My question is…so what? None of your “sheroes” on The Squad, your beloved decrepit Bernie or your Pedo Joe ever said it, and now we have someone saying it loud and proud. Who knew that liberals and leftists love the FBI?

Wonder if she would stand side-by-side with Marjorie Taylor Greene? DOUBT IT!

This shows again how useless and pathetic demoncrats and their liberal fanbase are. When faced with the bravery of a congresswoman saying that the FBI should be no more, they run away back to the status quo, ready to go back to life as usual because they don’t like the mouth it came out of. Liberals live life on the playground! The rest of us are living in the real world! Biden, his demoncrat party and his FBI are so desperate to have control over our lives, land, labor and resources that they are sending federal agents after a former president who is working toward the election. This has never happened before in the history of this country! People are hungrier than ever, more people are on the streets than ever, free speech is being restricted more than ever, and because Sleepy Joe is in office, liberals decided that they can be sleepy too. The FBI has come for Trump. Who’s next?

The FBI raiding the Mar-a-Lago resort home of Trump in the darkness like the greasy cowards they are.

We stand with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her bravery and the bravery she instills in her supporters who understand that the FBI is a dangerous force in this country that is attacking the liberty of millions. Soon, the everyday things we do to protect ourselves from having our freedom taken away will become crimes that the FBI can raid YOU for! Petrified Pence who once stood at Trump’s side is now even being bought by the liberals. He’s out here trying to tell us that defunding the FBI is too much and for the GOP to pull back and stay quiet. THOSE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND JUSTICE WILL NEVER BE QUIET! The Black Hammer Party continues on to serve those being starved and attacked under the Biden regime and will do whatever it takes to fight for a world where we have control over our lives, labor, land and resources. We’re not here to be a liberal, a leftist, a Pence, none of these cowards who love to be under and work with the FBI! We’re here to free our people and you should be too!

Land back!

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