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Shall We Dance? Pelosi and Taiwan Tango in Front of China

By Chief Llabe

Recently the head of the Pelosi political dynasty, headed by matriarch Nancy, made a deceptive stop in Taipei, Taiwan. This trip has angered and confused liberals, conservatives, Trumpers, Bernites, China, Russia, and so much of the world, but why? Why has a short trip to a tiny country wreaked so much global havoc? Let’s reveal some facts.

To learn about the background of the PRC’s history with Taiwan check out this article from Chief Oju! To be short, European colonialists and Asian sellouts have used the island of Taiwan to divide the Chinese nation and people. They have divided the people through forced migration, stoking divisions between ethnic groups of China, and indoctrinating the people with a culture of being submissive to large foreign powers, i.e. the united snakkkes and NATO. A similar story can be found among African, Arab, Latin American, and Asian nations all over the world.

The lilywhite Pelosi dynasty living off the wealth of stolen resources.

Nancy Pelosi, part of the second generation of the Pelosi political dynasty starting with her father’s rise to power, only had her personal business interests at heart with the trip. The Pelosis have found the colonial loot that amerikkkan politics is based on! The Pelosis are currently worth, a verifiable, $120 million! This swamp of demoncrat investments is at the heart of woke critical race theory ideology and the failing strategies of Joe Biden’s administration.

When she took her private airplane to Taipei, while millions of Americans can barely leave the airport they enter, Nancy went against her Democratic Party who was more than worried about the reported visit. Girlboss Pelosi decided it was time to show China that the demoncrats can be hard and thump like Trump! But… because Joe Biden, John Kirby, and the entire Republican Party thoroughly condemned the visit, amerikkka looks like they have uncontrollable leaders. So much for a “united” states.

The People’s Republic of China laid down law and order with fair condemnation and consequences with sanctions on the whole family and the u.s. The Pelosis’ investments are hit hard due to the People’s Republic of China’s economic dominance as the leading country in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), aka the new GDP of economic measurement. Because of the history of PRC’s peaceful development, no other country in the world is crying for Nancy or the u.s. as the independent nation chooses to suspend all talks with the u.s. as punishment for this attack on their sovereignty.

China is exercising its right to practice military drills in its own nation’s airspace.

Amerikkka has found itself utterly reliant on semi-decent relations with China to meet goals for climate change, international crime and drug dealing, and illegal immigrants. China pulled the chain around the neck of the u.s. for the rogue Pelosi strategy with the sanctions and the suspension of talks on these subjects. Xi Jinping doesn’t play with his people’s revolution!

Xi Jinping is Commander-in-Chief and will protect his people by any means necessary!

It’s important to note that amerikkka is also floundering because China used amerikkkan-owned factories, blueprints, and patents to develop their own anti-colonial economy. Amerikkkan colonizers, desperate for a colonized working class to exploit, made these investments without understanding the future ramifications; they couldn’t see past their immediate return on investment. China— using the long-term 5 year plans— was able to use the reparated amerikkkan resources to give huge benefits not only to their own people, but to the colonized masses.

The One China policy which lays out that the sellout fake “republic of china” that Taiwan claims to be is not the real republic of the Chinese people; the policy states that the People’s Republic of China is the true representative of the Chinese people. This is agreed upon by the majority of the world who is Colonized and whose land was also split like the Chinese through colonialism. This unanimity is disrespected constantly from the colonial nations and their globalist puppets who double-cross China constantly to work with the rogue island. The european-obsessed leadership of Taiwan constantly pretends to be a nation at the expense of the Chinese people!

Pelosi with sellout Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen in front of a portrait of Sun Yat-sen, the first leader of the Kuomintang who Mao defeated in the Chinese Revolution.

Black Hammer Party unites heavily with China’s sanctions on Pelosi. We have to highlight President Donald Trump’s statements at CPAC. “We have to take this chance to shatter the corrupt Washington establishment once and for all! Despite great outside dangers, our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, evil [liberal] people from within our own country.”

Donald Trump looking at Pelosi like…girl, what you doing?

We can see every time the enemy tries to attack the revolution, the people rise to the occasion and achieve even greater victory, dominance, and experience in revolution! Just like what happened on July 19th, the Black Hammer Party is on the cusp of greater victory! No arm of Colonialism can weaken the people’s will for independence, prosperity, and a better world!

Land back!

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