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The Fight of the Century…Well, This One: Griner vs. Bout

By Chief Llabe

The contestants for World’s Best Prisoner are as follows! In this corner we have Brittney Griner—former Women’s National Basketball Association player, sentenced to 9 years in prison by the Russian Government! And in this corner we got Viktor Bout—Russian arms dealer who was caught selling Soviet-era weapons to anti-colonial revolutionary armies in Colombia, sentenced to 25 years in prison!

Slide to see our two contestants!

Let’s learn more in depth about these two prisoners. Who is the most valuable for the Colonized Poor and Working class revolution? Many are speculating whether Griner will run for President once getting back to Amerikkka, making her the first Black lesbian basketball player president with tattoos! Many believe Viktor Bout sounds like an 80s movie villain who will beat the ass of an Amerikkkan hero in an upcoming Cold War 2 movie! Who will the people choose! The anticipation is high!

Let’s get the perspective from the Amerikkkan Judges!

The current face of international Russian-U.S. relations that Biden hopes makes you melt into a liberal puddle.

Brittney Griner is a WNBA star who attempted to smuggle weed cartridges into a country that the U.S. has been in struggle with for nearly a century. An athlete and millennial, it is clear why she was using! All the texting and training pushes someone to the limit and requires some “green” downtime! While yes, smoking weed in a country with some of the highest tensions with your home country is unwise, what else is she gonna do to relax? Yoga?

Bout being extradited from Thailand to New York to face charges of supplying arms. The U.S. been supplying ukkkraine with arms too, damn wonder who Bout was giving them to?

Alright let’s look at the villain for Rambo 9, Viktor Bout! He sold army-loads of Soviet-era weapons to dozens of colonized nations, including Colombia, Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Many revolutionary people’s armies were armed by this prisoner, and not without racial discrimination. The writer of this article notes because of anti-blackness, Viktor Bout was not charged for any of his arms dealing with Africa or African revolutionaries, and only charged for his work in Colombia! It shows that the Department of Justice still has a long way to go with equity and diversity in their prisoner judging. We can only hope for change…

Now for the perspective from the Black Hammer Party!

Why didn’t the united snakkkes charge Bout with supplying arms to Africa? Is the U.S. racist or something?

From a political aspect; from a revolutionary aspect; and from a military aspect: Griner ain’t worth nothing to the Biden administration but the identity she checks on a box, and that’s it. Biden will be the savior of Black Women and win the support of liberals from Michelle Obama to Hillary Clinton if he goes through with this deal. Viktor Bout will advance the anti-colonial revolution gun by gun, bullet by bullet, and Revolutionary Party by Revolutionary Party. 

The Biden administration is in desperate need for a win among the avalanche of losses the administration has had at home and abroad. For the current colonial world order to move forward, the Biden administration needs to fuse woke critical race theory to colonial capitalism so that the woke ideology keeps the working class away from revolt. Neocolonialism and its sellouts have already had their leadership attacked time after time by the poor and working classes of colonized nations, so the liberals decided to turn up the diversity. Without Colonized women, gays, and differently-abled people running the neocolonial game, the colonial New World Order would crumble!

The typical calling cards of anti-blackness and misogynoir don’t apply here folks, sorry! Sometimes world conflicts be bigger than liberal identity politics whether you like it or not!

This is the theory that the Biden administration is betting everything on. It is also banking on a very odd negotiation strategy! Three months ago to date, before the trial started for BrittNer, Russian officials offered the U.S. this swapping deal. Instead of immediately engaging, they ignored all communications on it. Now just three months later, a guilty plea has been given and the 9-year sentence has Slow Joe making a counter-offer…of the same deal. You know when you ask your grandparents if they want a drink and they say no, and then 10 minutes later they ask you for a drink? That’s Biden for you!

For Russia and Putin, they are banking on the theory that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The theory that when a Colonized poor and working class people is educated on the true nature of their oppressors they will fight and use any means necessary to defeat their oppressors. The theory that those at the bottom know best how evil the system is, how to dismantle it and most importantly how to build a new one.

It’s an obvious choice for the Black Hammer Party of who we like better. Who is more valuable to you reader? And remember to ask afterward…why?

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