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Reserving Hate for China: U.S. Officials Claim China’s Breaking into the Vault!

By Chief Llabe

A GOP Senate Panel Report claims that Miss China created a network of informants to infiltrate the Federal Reserve! They did this by offering opportunities to economists with high-pay contracts. Sounds like how they get Black and Brown Construction workers to crush their bodies to build this country’s Bridges, Trains, and High-rises!

Colonized workers doing work a lot more dangerous and necessary than every useless politician in the united snakkkes!

All the GOP Report really says is that China was making friends in high places and that the Fed had no idea how to stop it. China had such good friends in the Fed, an employee had the name of President of Miss China Xi Jinping as his password! Seems like there’s competition for Sleepy Joe! At the end of the day though there were no laws broken, because apparently it is not illegal to make friends with employees of the government.

Chinese society advancing further than ever while the u.s. crumbles with no baby formula.

The core of the report is the GOP exposing Sleepy Joe Biden’s dementia. While Joe Biden is falling asleep at the wheel, Xi Jinping is building a robust economy, military, and culture that is wooing more and more of the Colonized world, including those in the U.S. They want the Fed to work more closely with the FBI as the entire economy collapses due to the Fed hiking up interests rates like they are climbing Mount Everest. So far, inflation has gotten to 9.1%, triple that of the rates back in 2008. The FBI and CIA want to help the Fed plug up the leak that has created the economic miracle of 2022 Amerikkka. The leak is still dripping and causing some to slip.

The other source of the Economic Miracle of Amerikkka is the war in ukkkraine! Economic sanctions on Russia have blown back on the working class of Amerikkka sending millions into deeper poverty. Wheat exports have dropped dramatically causing a chain reaction of Colonized nations to rise up against neocolonial sellouts like in Sri Lanka! The Birken Bag-wearing ukkkranian refugees have also flooded Amerikkkan cities showing that this country will feed, clothe and house you only if you are rich and white!

Ukkkrainian refugees comfortably walking into new countries without the barriers of colonized.

Unlike the Federal Reserve and other Colonizers, China doesn’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn’t get results: A.K.A. Insanity. China has used a magic weapon that Mao laid out decades ago, the United Front. This United Front unites people and groups from around the world to the Chinese Communist Party’s tactics and strategy that is building a future where people don’t live at the expense of another. They do this by their actions, proving themselves to nations, individuals, and the masses of the people that they can lead their own nation well and can show others the way to a bright future.

A picture of Chairman Mao not falling off a bike.

With this United Front, China has been able to learn from the best economies and leap forward while the US grinds world progress to a halt with its senile leadership. China has used the United Front to win the majority of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Arab nations to their economic and political strategies. Even the U.S. is dependent on China to get life-saving masks to their population, along with basic consumer goods. Meanwhile Amerikkka can barely get baby formula to its own people. The world is making their decision, and no matter how many lies Amerikkka can cook up, little is getting eaten.

We know the colony is hitting you and your community as well, and it is high time we as Black and Brown people choose the winning side of Revolution! We can do way better than this colony with a plan and our poor and working class people! Join Black Hammer and find out what you can do for the Revolution!



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