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Buckle Up for BA.5: U.S. Unprepared for Most Contagious Variant

By Chief Watacame

COVID-19 variant BA.5–a sub variant of Omicron–is spreading faster than California wildfires. BA.5 makes up 65% of all current reported cases in the united snakkkes. The true number is a lot higher, we just won’t know what it is because testing sites don’t report their numbers anymore and free testing is harder to find. It is the most contagious variant so far. This variant sneaks past any protections the body has built in response to having had COVID in the past which means that reinfection is highly probable and the vaccines are more useless than ever. As BA.4 and BA.5 are making their way to every corner of the world, a new variant, BA.2.75 is moving to be the next dominant strain. Even people who wear medical and KN95 masks can be infected which is due to misinformation about how to properly wear masks and what other steps people should be taking to stay COVID-free. For that information, visit our COVID-19 Basics page.

The BA.5 variant was becoming the clear dominating strain since early May.

Like an idiot, Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s COVID-19 response coordinator said, “We have been watching this virus evolve rapidly. We’ve been planning and preparing for this moment. And the message that I want to get across to the American people is this: BA.5 is something we’re closely monitoring, and most importantly, we know how to manage it.” 

We know that the government has been watching and monitoring the virus–that’s all they’ve done, watch it spread, watch it kill, watch it cost people everything and they are preparing for the moment where it’s killed enough people or when it starts to cost those in power. It’s not a secret that they know how to manage it, they’ve known that since the beginning of 2020, they just don’t care enough to do it. They have had opportunity after opportunity to “manage” it. From setting real lockdown procedures, supporting those infected with resources to ensure they stay home, or even attempting to make safe and effective vaccines like other countries. But no, they have consistently tried to keep the money flowing, no matter what it costs the masses of people, no matter how many die.

Ashish Jha, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, showing how tall his tales and lies are.

In rival idiocy, Maria Van Kerhove, an infectious-disease epidemiologist with the World Health Organization said, “We will not prevent all transmission–that is not the goal–but we have to reduce the spread.” She followed that by saying, “It’s not over, and we are playing with fire by letting this virus circulate at such intense levels.”

Again these people are telling us things they’ve made clear since the beginning. The goal has never been to prevent all transmission. If it was, they would have learned from countries like China who under the CPC, has taken steps to stop prevention like making sure anyone entering the country follows a 14-day quarantine and testing before joining the general public, extensive vaccine research to make sure it’s safe for the people, building hospitals where they’re needed, distributing PPE, and more. That’s what it looks like when you care about the people. The only reason we got to a variant as dangerous as BA.5 is because colonial countries like the snakkkes have allowed the virus to spread and mutate at will. This could have been prevented. 

China is a shining example of collectively dealing with the virus. For its large population, cases and deaths have been extremely low.

The Black Hammer Party has studied China’s protocols and those of other countries who are putting the masses first and compiled the protocols we have today and we are continuously keeping up to date with them to make sure the people get the best information to stay alive. We will not stop fighting for liberation until it’s the poor and working class colonized people in power over our lives. 

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