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#FreeDrako: Teen Arrested for Feeding the Homeless

By Chief Oju

Call the Metro RYDC at 404-635-4400 and tell them to let Adrius Holt speak with his father now! You can also donate to $BlackHammerOrg on CashApp to support us with the legal fees.

The fourth principle of the Black Hammer Party says:

“We believe that the Colonized Proletariat is the only true proletariat. Only through our leadership can white power, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all its symptomatic offspring be smashed.”

Only those truly of the poor and working class, those who have seen the most lack of humanity of this colonial system, will be the leaders of the revolution. It’s not an assumption or a guess, it’s a material conclusion. You can see, hear, and feel this principle in every anti-colonial movement in history. And one of the shining pillars of that principle is the leadership of Secretary General Drako.

Minister of Defense Apollo and Secretary General Drako.

The Atlanta chapter of the Black Hammer Party met Drako while doing their regular outreach on the MARTA trains. When comrades were changing trains at the Civic Center station in downtown Atlanta, they saw Drako sleeping on a platform bench. Since the Black Hammer Party provides housing to the homeless, they asked if he wanted to come to the house for a roof and food. He said no, but comrades gave him their phone number and immediately after that they began to see Drako at Da Revolutionary Church in Woodruff Park. After seeing the hard work and love the Black Hammer Party showed for the community, he decided he wanted to do the same thing and joined. Since then, he has fed, clothed and led hundreds of homeless people in Atlanta and supports the same work in cities around the world. He is a leader for the people. And he’s 16 years old.

General Drako, Hammers and the people defending a homeless teen being harassed by pigs in Woodruff Park.

It’s that same 16 year-old that pale-faced pig demon Joshua Bender (Atlanta Police Department #6915) arrested. Drako was doing his normal duties for his people, feeding and protecting the homeless on the streets, when this officer decided to kidnap another Hammer and throw them into jail. The pigs didn’t say where they were taking him and Hammers searched everywhere to find him and quickly found out that Drako should be at the Zone 6 precinct. However, Drako was not there when Hammers arrived. Four hours after the arrest, Drako was brought into the precinct with a swollen eye and face. The pigs said he fell.

Now, Hammers and the people of Atlanta, many of them the homeless from the same Woodruff Park that Drako serves every day, are protesting outside the precinct and lighting up the phones of the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center to FREE Drako. The horrors of the prison system and how they treat African men and African REVOLUTIONARIES is clear, but what’s also clear is how they treat our KIDNAPPED COLONIZED CHILDREN in these prisons. The amount of violence, sexual assault and psychological abuse our CHILDREN have to endure in these places has to end NOW. For example, from 2015 to 2018, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice fired at least 60 officers for excessive force. AND DOZENS MORE STAY ON THE JOB! People are even joining these protests for that reason alone, to DEFEND OUR CHILDREN!

Atlanta Hammers protesting APD’s Zone 6 precinct and letting the pigs know who they really are!

This is what this government prioritizes. Arresting teenagers giving food to the homeless instead of protecting people grocery shopping from white supremacist mass shooters. It prioritizes assaulting and brutalizing a homeless child over making sure the people can pay for food, gas and rent. Drako saw that the world was wrong, and he wanted to do something about it. We have a future with Drako leading the way, we don’t have one with any of these politicians, pigs, and demons in charge. Decide to do something and get Drako FREE!

Inside Atlanta’s Metro Regional Youth Detention Center where abuse and violence from guards happens daily.

You can start by calling the Metro RYDC at 404-635-4400 and tell them to FREE ADRIUS HOLT and to LET ADRIUS HOLT SPEAK WITH HIS FATHER NOW. Don’t let up and don’t give them any breathing room! To help support us with any fees, you can donate to $BlackHammerOrg on CashApp.


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