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Sri Lanka Brings the Fire: The People Take the Palace!

By Chief Watacame

The people of Sri Lanka are willing to burn everything down in the name of liberation! They are shaking the world and setting the scene for what’s to come to all “developing” and “developed” nations. Today, July 9th, 2022, the people of Sri Lanka have stormed prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s house and set it on fire. Party leaders have asked for his resignation and he has gone into hiding. The western world is taken aback and blaming inflation, cheap credit, minimum resources, recently poor leadership and other SYMPTOMS for the collapse of the nation. Sri Lanka was considered a success story following their civil war that ended in 2009 because they raised their arbitrary economic status to be parallel with poorer easter european countries like the ukkkraine and surpassing India’s gross domestic product per capita by almost double. These metrics mean nothing to the poor and working class people. No matter the standing a nation has on a global scale, when it is run on colonial values by disgusting neocolonial sellouts, the people suffer.

The people TAKING OVER the presidential palace!

While the world is seeing this as a “collapse of a nation” we see it for what it really is, THE RISE OF THE PEOPLE. The people have seen that neo-colonial leadership is getting them nowhere, that even though their civil war ended, the fight for freedom and dictatorship over their own lives, labor, land, and resources wasn’t over. The people of Sri Lanka, suffering through inflation and shortages, saw that not only were the leaders not suffering along with them, they were passing policies to make it worse for the poor and working class. Two days ago, Wickremesinghe said that the country was bankrupt and in the worst economic crisis in 70 years. The former prime minister tried to negotiate and get more loans from the IMF (international monetary fund) which is basically the make-believe bank that decides who gets money like the bank in the game “Monopoly”. Wickermesinghe said that getting a deal with the IMF would be more difficult because they’re coming into the negotiations as a bankrupt country. Sri Lanka is only bankrupt in the eyes of the colony, we see the priceless spirit of the people.

Hundreds of thousands of people waited outside the palace demanding the president’s resignation. He fled and is missing!

Millions of people have been struggling to buy or even access food, medicine and fuel. Gas has been reserved for essential services only as gas has stopped being imported, leaving millions of people to change the way they conduct their daily lives. Thousands of people are taking back what’s theirs. Sri Lankans are saying “NO, YOU’RE DONE, NOT US!” After all, the power will always lie with those who produce, not those who profit from production. It’s the poor and working class people who always produce for colonial and neocolonial countries, it’s always off our backs that prime ministers, presidents, and other false leaders live. When we say no more, when we start to take what is rightfully ours, they have no option but to run. The poor and working class will always be victorious.

The people inside the PEOPLE’S palace!

It’s a Revolutionary season and a HOT REBEL SUMMER!! Uprisings will start to spread like wildfire as the rest of the world is also seeing insane inflation, shortages, incompetent leadership, and all the foul things that come with colonialism. Now is the time to join Da Vanguard–THE BLACK HAMMER PARTY–to prepare for our time to strike back and fight for the lives, land, labor, and resources of poor and working class people all over the world!

Land back!

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