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Surprise! Record Number of Cops Getting Shot on the Streets

By Chief Oju

Once 2016 came around, everyone living in the united snakkkes was feeling the height of the aftermath of Ferguson. Protests and marches against police brutality were constant, nearly every single death of a colonized person at the hands of the police was making it to at least local news, and so many were shouting, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” That cry for mercy at the hands of murderers went unanswered as police continued to shoot and kill our people in their homes, on the streets, in their cars and everywhere and anywhere they wanted to. The heat died down as the pandemic began, but then the 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off another wave of cries for accountability, mercy and change.

George Floyd, Adam Toledo, and Rayshard Brooks—a few victims of the pandemic-era’s most high-profile murders by the pigs.

Now in 2022, the heat has died down again. In this election year, the demoncrats have decided to draw people’s attention away from the murders of African and colonized people at the hands of the police and white supremacy since it isn’t riling up the voter base enough. They knew it wasn’t going to when the murder of ten people at a Buffalo grocery store barely made a moral dent in liberal amerikkka. So as white, liberal amerikkka takes to the streets to protest the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the possible dissolution of same-sex marriage and other non-consequential things, what’s happening in the streets where poor and working class African and colonized people live?

This year 178 cops have been shot.

How sad.

Throughout the united snakkkes, there has been a 19% increase in the shootings of police and 59% in the murders of police. And the number of them injured is even greater. This isn’t happening with Black Lives Matter at the forefront, they’re too busy buying multi-million dollar mansions in California. This isn’t happening with people chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” at protests. And it’s not happening because of a national movement around the murder of one colonized person. It’s happening because the people, poor and working class colonized people, want it to happen. Because they have had enough of this country’s bullshit.

The crisis of colonialism has made poor and working class colonized people desperate and take no chances when it comes to survival.

Inflation has caused the price of gas and food to skyrocket. Baby formula and menstrual products are disappearing off the shelves. The only jobs available to many colonized people pay barely enough to make half the rent and our family members are still dying from COVID-19. This is all happening as white amerikkka pretends it’s not, dancing carefree at their pride parades, telling us to get to the ballot box, and stopping nearly all public announcements on the virus. The country can’t hold itself together and neither can its police apparatus. From New York to Illinois to California, cops are facing people who are doing whatever they can to feed their families and survive in these times. And the people aren’t taking no for an answer—even from the pigs.

Chicago has implemented a “No Chase” policy where cops can’t chase anyone if they flee from custody. It comes after multiple people getting chased and killed from a shot to the back by the police. Hope she took some pictures on that trip!

The cops are quitting left and right, getting angry at their bosses and mayors for working them longer days and taking away vacations so that they can patrol the streets that are being taken over more and more by the people. And now they’re being killed at this rate?! They are DONE! And the only thing they have to protect them is the failing, crumbling colony that can’t even afford the gas for their police cars.

The people are defending themselves from the brutality of the colonial state in a way that has never been seen before in this country and that defense only gets stronger with collectively joining together to get the resources and land that belong in the hands of colonized peoples around the world. Land back!

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