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The Taiwan War? Biden Prepares to Lose to China

By Chief Oju

Ever since the revolution that completely changed the lives of the people of China, bringing them to a point in the 21st century where they are living the most healthy, technologically-advanced, and culturally-prosperous lives they ever had, China has had to deal with a major thorn in its side⁠—Taiwan. An island of sellouts from China.

A map of the mainland and the island. In March 2022, Biden signed a law that saying the u.s. Department of State isn’t allowed to make any maps that show Taiwan as part of China.

Taiwan is an island off the southern coast of China and since the revolution has claimed itself as the Republic of China (alternatively to the mainland People’s Republic of China). The island who has many ethnic indigenous populations just as the country of China does, has been taken over by outside forces for much of the past several centuries. The island was working just fine until the Dutch arrived in the early 1600s to colonize it. From the island, which they called Formosa, they created shipping posts for the Dutch East India company which was a worldwide colonizing power that shipped spices, teas, silks, silver and more stolen resources. These europeons weren’t welcome, but by force took over much of the island. Given that they were the minority, they had to pit peoples against each other in order to deflect the attention away from themselves. At the time, Han ethnic sailors were already traveling to the island from the main continent as part of general trade and commerce. The Dutch decided to push an influx of Han men onto the island and create animosity between indigenous peoples and the Han in order to create instability that allowed them to keep a tighter grip on the island’s land. Colonialism will always put colonized people against each other so we don’t see our real enemy⁠—the colonizer.

The Dutch built Fort Zeelandia on Taiwan which became one of colonialism’s most important international trading posts.

Later into the 1600s, the Qing dynasty was rising and the current Ming dynasty that the Dutch would make deals with in order to safely sail into Pacific waters was losing power. And so like the snakes they are, the Dutch quickly became allies with the Qing dynasty, but that didn’t stop rebellion on the island against the Dutch. The Dutch got pushed out by the people and even the Qing, but not before they made final agreements with the Qing that still gave them access to trade routes and ports. For the next two centuries, the Qing dynasty controlled mostly the western half of the island, maintaining a feudal system that recognized some indigenous landholdings on the eastern side of the island. But just like on the main continent, this royal rule didn’t do much to improve the lives of the poorest people.

Then, in the late 1800s, a Japanese ship of the Ryukyu Kingdom landed on the island, but when the sailors confronted the indigenous peoples, they were massacred. The Japanese wanted compensation and when rejected sent out the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy overseas for the first time ever and saw how weak Qing rule was. After more battles, Japan got control of the island and thus began the wars between China and Japan. In their rule, they were the most brutal against uprisings by all on the island, whether indigenous or Han. One of the most brutal examples being the Seediq rebellion where the Japanese beheaded every person involved for display.

Japanese culture and education became a central part of Japanese rule of the island on top of the brutality against rebellions and uprisings.

This rule ended after World War II, not because of the whites (who started this entire chain of colonial mayhem on the island), but because of the revolution in China led by Mao, who, with his enemy the Kuomintang, pushed out the Japanese. That’s why it’s even more disgusting that after being defeated by Mao, the U.S.-backed Kuomintang and those loyal to them fled to Taiwan to work with white power to undermine the nation that finally freed Taiwan from centuries of colonialism, feudal serfdom under royal rule and Japanese brutality.

Mao of the Chinese Communist Party and Chiang Kai-Shek of the Kuomintang came to a truce in order to push out the Japanese out of China and Taiwan.

Now, in the 21st century, Sleepy Joe hopes to continue this tradition of using the island of Taiwan to undermine the People’s Republic of China. This week, Joe Biden straight up said that if China invades Taiwan, then the u.s. military will intervene. He’s made some real blunt statements recently (calling Putin a war criminal, etc.) but this was his most blunt statement on using the military forces of the united snakkkes overseas. Now we know Biden will never go to war with China directly, but just like in Vietnam and just like all around the colonized world, the u.s. can go to war with China in Taiwan in hopes of “protecting” it from being reclaimed fully by the Chinese. People will claim that most of the people of Taiwan reject unification with China, but who are we talking about again? The Kuomintang sellouts of the 1940s and their descendants! Or other wealthy people who have since dropped onto the island. Just like the people of Hong Kong who hate China wave british flags, the people of Taiwan who hate China wave amerikkkan flags. Those on the side of white power are ALWAYS the enemy⁠—Ho Chi Minh understood this in Vietnam, Mao understood this in China and all colonized people must understand this NOW!

The u.s. military has had forces on the island of Taiwan for decades and more recently has been increasing training and drills.

What makes Sleepy Joe’s claim even more blunt is that he compared a Chinese attack on Taiwan to the Russian attack on ukkkraine. Biden connecting China and Russia is him preparing the world stage to launch an all-out war against the two with a European front and an Asian front. The Asian front that Biden is trying to build is already failing as most nations in East Asia and the Pacific are not down with going head-to-head with China. Biden’s announcement happened at a conference in Japan, where Japanese sellouts bowing down to u.s. interests are in support. But smaller nations are not on board yet, and the people are definitely not on board as u.s. imperialism has diminished most of their nations to exploited tourist hellscapes. It looks like even Biden’s team is not board, as they have begun damage control saying that the president went off script and that foreign policy regarding Taiwan has not changed. The Biden presidency is a mess.

This deal is as strong as Biden’s knees on the staircase up to Air Force One…

China needs to liberate Taiwan and eliminate white power and neocolonialism from the island. Any plan that Sleepy Joe has for Taiwan is only to undermine China’s power and rapid development that is setting it up as the dominant force of change and growth in today’s world. Like the Dutch that landed on the island in 1624, the united snakkkes hopes to have the people bend to its will, but the people will rise up and show up against colonialism any day!

Land back!

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