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Hot Revolutionary Summer: Youth Take the Streets of Chicago!

By Chief Oju

It’s happened for years. When the weather gets nice, teens from all over the city travel to downtown Chicago to hang out and do what they want to. Usually, poor and working class colonized teens don’t have thousands of dollars to spend at luxury stores like Prada and Vera Wang. So it’s time to walk down the street, look in the windows, see what they got at Old Navy or Ross on State Street and then go get McDonald’s. But as the crowds have gotten bigger, the Michigan Avenue storefronts emptier, the shootings growing higher and the city making international news, comic book villain-ass mayor Lori Lightfoot has decided to BAN teens from downtown.

Young people going all out on CTA buses by North Avenue beach.

The first time #LameAssLori put Chicago’s youth on the chopping block was during the 2020 George Floyd protests. Everyone was downtown demanding the city’s leaders do something to stop our genocide by the pigs. How Lori responded was by lifting the bridges around downtown so no one could cross the river and be hunted down by pigs for arrest and kidnapping. She sat comfortable in her throne as she watched everyone run for their lives. She even worked directly with the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) to push kids on L trains, specifically the Red Line. They were pushing African kids down into the subway onto completely empty trains to take them to the South Side even if the young people didn’t live out south. She thinks we’re animals. Objects. Less than human.

Like damn…really Lori? This was her COVID superhero costume and she looking like the Hamburglar.

And now she has put a curfew on downtown and says unaccompanied teens aren’t allowed right before sunset. This comes from the fatal shooting of Seandell Holliday that happened early evening this past week in front of The Bean in Millennium Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Whether it was the North Avenue Beach Takeover or the dance parties down Michigan Avenue or filming music videos on State Street, our young people are out here trying to live a life in a world that is making it BLUNT that it ain’t about them. The colony is showing its true face to the best bullshit detectors out there and our young people ain’t having it. They know this city and #LameAssLori got no real power, just force, and that force is used against them, not for them.

The Bean at Millennium Park where Seandell Holliday was killed (people there say by an accidental discharge of his own gun, not murder as the pigs say).

The colony creates its revolutionaries and we are seeing them come to being in real time before our eyes! We just need to make sure young people are organized under a force that can wipe out the enemy for good, and that force is Black Hammer! Black Hammer Records is currently making music out here telling the truth about who colonized people are, where we come from, what we gotta do with the pig situation and how it’s always LAND BACK! Return these streets to their rightful stewards and get the sellouts like #LameAssLori out the way to do it!

Land back!

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