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Every Child Left Behind: Texas Kicks “Immigrants” Out of School

By Chief Watacame

The only true immigrants in amerikkka are white people who arrived on this land to steal, pillage, and then call indigenous people of this land the immigrants. Colonized people in the united snakkkes are not the immigrants, europeons are.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently stated that he would try to challenge the u.s. Supreme Court ruling in Plyler v. Doe. He said, “I think we will resurrect that case and challenge this issue again, because the expenses are extraordinary.” What issue is he talking about? Providing so-called immigrant children with free public education. In 1975, the state of Texas wanted to charge $1,000 per “immigrant” child to enroll in public schools. It was challenged under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment which states that everyone is to be treated equally under the law, so forcing only a certain group of children to pay for public education clearly was against that. To protect their fake ass act that the Supreme Court protects anyone’s rights, they made all states enforce that every child is entitled to free public education.

Texas white devil governor Greg Abbott who is strictly an agent of yt power and supremacy.

Abbott’s threat to fight this ruling is another reminder that the colony does not see colonized people as human. The united snakkkes has many ways to torture and genocide colonized people who were born in the u.s. or those who have in some way obtained “legal status”. There are less restrictions on how they can attack “illegal” or “undocumented” colonized people. We’ve seen that in the torture camps at the border where colonized people from all over the world are kept when they try to escape their countries that colonialism has also made unsafe.

The farms where colonized people are forced to work are concentration camps to get everyone in the united snakkkes grapes, oranges, strawberries, and more.

Making public education inaccessible to “undocumented immigrant” children is a sure way to increase the colony’s access to cheap labor. Not affording young people with free education puts them onto two paths of survival: going into the workforce at a younger age so they can overwork and underpay them for longer or to make money to survive any other way, at which point the colony is giving itself the “right” to capture them and ship them off to torture camps before deporting them. In either case, they are using people’s fear to enslave them.

Colonized so-called immigrants who fall into the injustice system are usually the ones that don’t end up working on the farm.

Let’s also make it clear that these attacks are never attacks on all “immigrants”, they are attacks specifically on COLONIZED “immigrants”. The united snakkkes has no issue with the white demons that come from their euro homelands. No, for the white parasites, they will allow a change in processes like they’ve done with the ukkkrainians coming in from the south while African and Indigenous people are denied any sort of process. It wasn’t white people getting whipped and chased by pigs on horseback, it was Haitians. It wasn’t white people getting their reproductive organs removed by force, it was African and Indigenous people. White children as young as 2 years old are not forced to go to court alone, with no representation or translation like colonized children are. It’s not their white children getting raped by border patrol, it’s our babies. This false country does not have an issue with immigrants, it has a 500 year-old mission to torture colonized people and it will look for any way to do it.

We will remember all of the attacks, all of the pain, suffering, and loss that the colony has brought onto us in the last 500 years. For our ancestors, for our families, neighbors, for our children, we will win back our power through revolution. Revolution is the only solution and the Black Hammer Party will not stop at anything less than winning the revolution.

Land back!

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