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The Buffalo Murderer is Still Alive…and the Democrats Love It

By Chief Oju

When I first heard of the mass murder and act of genocide that took place in a Buffalo grocery store, I first thought, “Were they Africans?” And then for some reason I thought of the famous photo of the mound of buffalo skulls of the thousands of murdered bison that colonizers piled up in 1870. The genocide of the buffalo, the most valuable resource for indigenous people in the northern part of this continent, was all done to genocide indigenous people. 1870. 2022. All the colonizer knows is genocide and how to steal our lives, labor, land and resources.

A pile of skulls of the buffalo murdered by colonizers in order to genocide the indigenous population. Buffalo, New York gets its name from the animal.

On May 14th, an 18 year-old white demon from upstate New York by the way of the hell pits of europe decided to carry out his planned mission of eliminating “the replacers” or from what can be pieced together of his writing, enemies of white power. He targeted a grocery store in an African neighborhood in Buffalo, New York and walked in with a rifle, body armor, a helmet fitted with a webcam and shot and killed as many Africans as he could before his own life would end. Thing is, he got taken in…alive. The little piss puddle bitch even livestreamed the entire thing to Twitch, reaching at least 20 live viewers. This demon isn’t anything special—he is your typical murderous colonizer who is just more truthful about what he believes. It’s not even unique that he is still alive and kicking without a single bruise on his pasty inbred face. But what’s special is that he is already on trial for the world to see within four hours of the massacre.

Payton Gendron is arrested without a single scratch. Might as well have bought him some Burger King.

This year is an election year, and the demoncrats are less popular than ever. Sleepy Joe can’t put a sentence together half the time, he keeps falling on the stairs up to Air Force One, Kopmala Harris is nowhere to be seen, and every politician is useless as our people keep dying from disease, poverty, suicide, and murder. The demoncrats are hanging on by a thread and that thread is liberalism.

Liberalism might be their only thread, but it is a thick one. It has enough strength to hold up a dying nation as long as it keeps its people asleep enough to refrain from cutting it. A major recent example is the “leaked” supreme kkkourt decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. What a better way to galvanize the young, white liberal vote than to throw them a bone of women’s rights. As we’ve already said at Black Hammer Times, colonized women’s bodily autonomy has never been a priority for white amerikkka. African, indigenous and Asian people die or suffer lifelong illness from botched surgeries on uteruses, malpractice, and negligence. Our bodies have been experimented on, cut open, researched and tortured for the sake of reproductive rights. But the liberal white (and sometimes colonized) voter only sees their rights being taken away, and so they march and fight for “freedom.”

Only would white women seriously question if amerikkka hates them while carrying an amerikkkan flag.

The demoncrats are using the massacre in Buffalo the exact same way. Governors, politicians, and liberal media are surprising liberals with the blunt “woke” language they’re using around the massacre. Here are a few examples:

Highlighting that Payton Gendron is a white supremacist

New York governor Kathy Hoe-chul gets in her African American hugs at a press conference on the massacre in Buffalo.

No duh. But for the liberal media, throwing the phrase “white supremacist” into the conversation is now a dogwhistle for conservatives and the right. Even New York governor Kathy Hochul called it an act of white supremacy. This was language used during the 2020 presidential election to pin Trump into a persona that liberals would be angry enough to go vote against. Was the massacre an act of colonialism and white supremacy? Yes. But so is everything the demoncrat party does on stolen land to maintain its bloody grip on its resources.

Talking about the gun

The gun that shit stain Gendron used, seen in footage he was taking live from his helmet webcam.

Every liberal hates guns. It’s why they keep getting their asses kicked by their enemies. Even though the massacre had much more to do with Gendron’s beliefs than whatever weapon he had, CNN and the rest of the lame liberal news are highlighting the high-powered rifle to call for stricter gun laws and specifically around parts that increase the power of rifles. The same call happened after the Las Vegas shooting. Demoncrats promise liberals that the bad, bad guns will go away if they vote for them, but they ain’t going nowhere. And they shouldn’t if liberals actually want to defend African people from genocide—but they don’t so it’s no problem.

The “hero” cop

Aaron Salter was a pig on the notorious Buffalo PD. Probably had better aim for our people.

Black Hammer understands that all the problems the colonized face come from colonialism and neocolonialism, which is just white power in Black face, brown face, yellow face, etc. It’s the ones who look like us, but work for them. The only time mayosapien demon Payton Gendron got shot was by a security guard at the grocery store, Aaron Salter, an African retired pig who was a lieutenant of the Buffalo Police Department. When Gendron walked into the store, the pig shot at him a bunch of times but because of Gendron’s body armor, didn’t wound him. Gendron killed him. Now demoncrats walk a fine line here because they have to be against police violence, but respect the pigs. I wonder how much more successful pig Aaron Salter was at shooting and killing African and colonized people before becoming a security guard.

Speech on the internet

Buffalo mayor Byron Brown looking as clueless as ever.

Along with Governor Hoe-chul, Buffalo mayor Byron Brown called for more controlled surveillance on the internet of hate speech. He supported the claim that white supremacy is out of control because of the internet and that with more monitoring that massacres like this can be prevented. African sellout Byron Brown knows all about surveillance and monitoring. In his first term as mayor he “convinced” the Buffalo city council to adopt a wireless real-time surveillance camera system in the city. The goal of it was to detect more crime and shootings so that pigs could track down suspects better. Brown has clearly spent more time surveilling our colonized peoples than he has monitoring white power or else something like this would have been prevented. This sellout so salty and slimy that when he loss his fifth term in a primary last year, he put himself in as a write-in candidate to win. This attack on free speech will only be used on colonized peoples and revolutionaries trying to take the down the system these sellouts want your votes for. And liberals fall for it every time.

Some of our people lost in the massacre at the grocery store: Katherine Massey, Tenny Patterson, Ruth Whitfield, and Pearl Young.

Some of our people will say that this isn’t a time for politics, to not use the deaths of our people in that grocery store to make a point. Well, hellspawn maggot Payton Gendron made a point in shooting a dozen of our people to death. Sleepy Joe, Governor Hoe-chul and Mayor Brown made a point in pulling us away from the real root of the problem to get some votes. And the people need to make a point that we will not be exploited anymore, we will not be enslaved any further, we will not be murdered without defending ourselves and we will stand against all our enemies in order to liberate ourselves and our lands from colonialism. There is a worldwide revolution going on and we need to take our anger from yet another massacre to join it! Don’t get roped into liberal-led and non-profit-led marches to nowhere. Revolution is the only solution!

No more Buffalos. No more Charlestons. No more colonialism!

Land back!

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