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Sunday P.E. – Mao’s “The Question of Going Too Far”

By Chief Oju

Every Sunday, Black Hammer Times will feature a piece of political education that will help you get one step closer out of mental slavery and into the mindset of a revolutionary! Political education of yourself and the people is required for any revolution to be successful. Here’s some P.E. for our success!

Mao, “The Question of Going Too Far” excerpt

Then there is another section of people who say, “Yes, peasant associations are necessary, but they are going rather too far.” This is the opinion of the middle-of-the-roaders. But what is the actual situation? True, the peasants are in a sense “unruly” in the countryside. Supreme in authority, the peasant association allows the landlord no say and sweeps away his prestige. This amounts to striking the landlord down to the dust and keeping him there. The peasants threaten, “We will put you in the other register!” They fine the local tyrants and evil gentry, they demand contributions from them, and they smash their sedan-chairs. People swarm into the houses of local tyrants and evil gentry who are against the peasant association, slaughter their pigs and consume their grain. They even loll for a minute or two on the ivory-inlaid beds belonging to the young ladies in the households of the local tyrants and evil gentry. At the slightest provocation they make arrests, crown the arrested with tall paper hats, and parade them through the villages, saying, “You dirty landlords, now you know who we are!” Doing whatever they like and turning everything upside down, they have created a kind of terror in the countryside. This is what some people call “going too far”, or “exceeding the proper limits in righting a wrong”, or “really too much”. Such talk may seem plausible, but in fact it is wrong. First, the local tyrants, evil gentry and lawless landlords have themselves driven the peasants to this. For ages they have used their power to tyrannize over the peasants and trample them underfoot; that is why the peasants have reacted so strongly. The most violent revolts and the most serious disorders have invariably occurred in places where the local tyrants, evil gentry and lawless landlords perpetrated the worst outrages. The peasants are clear-sighted. Who is bad and who is not, who is the worst and who is not quite so vicious, who deserves severe punishment and who deserves to be let off lightly—the peasants keep clear accounts, and very seldom has the punishment exceeded the crime.

A landlord being exposed on the street during the Cultural Revolution.

So what all that mean?

For too long, those who use and exploit the poor and working class colonized masses feel as though they can continue to do so without any consequences. You know how it is, they can shoot us up in a church or supermarket, they can throw us in jail for sending our kids to another school district, they will throw us in the hole for life for playing their own organized crime game, but they always see themselves as protected. They got a court, a police department, an education system, everything is built to back them up. So when the people rise up and take down these parasites when their backup is gone, you can’t expect the people to be loving and kind. The people are gonna want to show you and the world that you lost your backup, that nothing is coming to save you except your own retribution and action (maybe…). In history it has looked like the Chinese peasants parading their landlords in the street, it’s looked like education programs to get people aligned to the new principles of life, and it’s looked like tying up people in the town square and throwing rocks at them. Revolution is a shift of one way of living to another, that is a violent change. Just like coming from the warm womb to the cold air at birth and everything will be shaken suddenly in revolution and we have to accept what must be done to make that change as responsive to the people’s needs as possible to ensure a healthy birth of a new world.

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