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Colonialism is an Unnatural Disaster

By Chief Watacame

The only hope we had of preparing for natural events like wildfires and hurricanes was that there was some level of predictability on what areas would be affected and during what times of the year. The entire united snakkkes infrastructure is built on those variables. Variables that are becoming less and less relevant as colonialism and its neocolonial puppets continue to ravage The Earth.

We’re expected to see a significant hurricane season this summer/fall. This is being fueled by what looks like the third year of La Niña which brings warmer water to the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast. La Niña and other weather patterns have an impact on the entire globe’s weather, ecosystems, wildfires, and economies. La Niña normally only lasts from 9 to 12 months but as colonialism continues to destroy the earth, the less we can count on Mother Nature’s patterns. And as we know, the key to surviving natural events is to be as prepared as possible. 

A map of wildfire locations during the 2021 fire season.

With all the seasons and areas affected continuously shifting, we’re in for more loss of life than we’ve seen. Being fueled by rising temperatures and increasing winds, the snakkkes are on track to at least double the damage done by wildfires during the record breaking 2021 fire season. Fires have also increased once the colony stopped the indigenous practices of controlled burning. Not only have they made that illegal, but when they pushed indigenous people off their land for white communities with no relation to or respect for the land, they made their own lives even more vulnerable. That’s why so many wildfires strike wealthy neighborhoods—colonizers attack the shepherds of the land and the land fights back.

Flooding in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida made conditions that hadn’t been seen since Hurricane Katrina.

Colonized people have been forced to live in cities like New Orleans that are more vulnerable to natural events like hurricanes. That’s why no real importance has been given to either build better infrastructure or to move people out. They want us in harm’s way, they want to say that nature took us out so that they don’t have to. That’s starting to backfire. While they make sure storms are as devastating to colonized people, because of how much they’ve fucked with The Earth, storms are not behaving like they used to. We saw New York subways and apartment buildings flood because of a storm that made the infrastructure in place completely useless. We will be seeing more and more of that as time goes by and the colony keeps messing with The Earth’s patterns.

The New York City subway had many of its stations flooded as Hurricane Ida moved up the coast, so much that it blocked the exits. Flooded basements throughout the city killed nearly a dozen people.

Worsening droughts are plaguing the united snakkkes causing states like Utah to declare states of emergency. Lake Mead and other reservoirs are dropping levels again, calling into question how long we’ll have any access to clean water. The colony’s answer to this is to ask people to only water their lawns once a week, to take shorter showers, or to recycle but how long before they FORCE us to “reduce” our waste? What they’ll never do is ask giant corporations to adhere to recourse saving practices and even less, admit that the snakkkes’ military is the biggest polluter in the world and God forbid they stop or slow down their terror rampage.

Indigenous people in California take part in the first allowed controlled burns in decades.

As the colony continues to destroy Mother Earth, we will see her fight back and that means we have to be able to adapt to the changes to make sure we survive. Our ancestors have always had a beautiful relationship with Mother Earth and moved with her and did everything with her consent. That will not change. To rebuild a healthy relationship with The Earth, we have to kill what’s killing her: colonialism.

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