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Do The Time, Girl: Brittney Griner Still Stuck in Russian Prison

By Chief Oju

In late February, a 31 year-old African woman from the united snakkkes was arrested in the Moscow airport when illegal contraband was found in her luggage: vape cartridges for marijuana. She has been held in a Russian prison ever since. This week she got her stay extended for another month. No embassy has helped her, no big protests have been put on to bring her home. She’s stuck there. Who is she? WNBA player Brittney Griner. And she should stay in prison.

Right before her arrest, Griner was playing for the Phoenix Suns of the WNBA.

Brittney Griner is a championship-winning, all-star basketball player that has made a name for herself as large as she can in the world of women’s basketball. The WNBA pays nothing compared to the multi-billion dollar industry that is the NBA. Players in the WNBA get paid about $200-$300K a year and that’s if they’re good. NBA players like Carmelo Anthony get paid $2 million and a superstar like Lebron James gets paid $41 million. Even though $300K is more than enough for poor working class colonized families, it isn’t enough for the petit-bourgeois seeking a luxurious, white-adjacent lifestyle. So as many women basketball players do, they play abroad, mostly in european countries where basketball is getting more and more popular (basketball in Lithuania somethin’ else!). Brittney Griner is one of those traveling players, getting paid $1 million to play for UMMC Ekaterinburg, a Russian team.

Griner’s luggage is searched in the Moscow airport. That weed in there somewhere, you see it?

So Brittney must know the rules of traveling in Russia, right? Apparently not well enough, as she has been in jail for three months. People in the united snakkkes have called for her release, especially because they saw her arrest as retaliation for u.s. involvement in the war between Russia and ukkkraine. The state department warned that people from the u.s. could experience hostility while in Russia and to take caution. But this ain’t have nothing to do with the war. Brittney got caught with some weed. Do the time, girl.

Griner’s mugshot in a Russian prison, which looks pretty comfortable and clean. Griner’s last mugshot was from a 2015 domestic violence incident with her former fiancé.

And people were asking the state department and embassy to treat Griner like a prisoner of war, pleading for negotiations and trades to bring her back. Now, we know damn well that the united snakkkes don’t care about its own colonized prisoners, to the point that our people are dying in prisons in record numbers from COVID-19, are left to die in floods during hurricanes, are forced into labor to even put out wildfires, and are put behind bars for life. All of the sudden, they’re gonna jump through hoops to free Brittney cuz she couldn’t check her bag for that sweet ganja? We have so many more of our poor working class colonized family that we need to set free so that they can join the revolution and take down the system that imprisons the most people anywhere around the world. The united snakkkes has more Africans in prison on its stolen land than the entire continent of Africa has on itself. Who you fighting for? It better be for the people. Unless Brittney commits class suicide and sides with the people, Russia can keep her. Just send that Mary Jane my way.

Land back!

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