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Formula for Disaster: Essential Baby Product Disappears Off Shelves

By Chief Oju

Weeks ago, Black Hammer Times posted on the rationing of baby formula in stores like Walgreens and CVS, and now media is finally reporting on the dangerous situation facing colonized parents and caretakers around the united snakkkes. One day of ukkkrying getting invaded and Sleepy Joe has billions of dollars ready. One month into unfed babies, Sleepy Joe is just lifting open his eyelids. Over 40% of all major brands of baby formula like Similac and Enfamil are completely sold out and not being replaced on shelves. In some states like Tennessee and Texas, over 50% is sold out. At this time last year, only 2-8% of these brands were completely sold out in stores nationally. Only 1 in 4 parents exclusively breastfeed and this number is even higher among poor and working class colonized parents who are working long days and have a variety of health conditions that make breastfeeding painful or unsafe. So what or who’s to blame? The government blames two things: the supply chain and contamination. But which one is it?

Throughout the past year and half of the pandemic, the supply chain has been completely disrupted around the world. The press tried to spin a story that it was all about a single ship being stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt that was going to cause massive product distribution delays worldwide. They said ships trying to send medical supplies to help with the pandemic were stuck and waiting. They really fooled us with that one, huh! As the months continued—long after the ship got shoved out and was on its merry way—the supply chain crisis worsened.

Shipping containers full of products rotting away in the ocean waiting for millionaires and billionaires to give the go.

People were done with their low-paying jobs! And employers were not doing anything to keep people safe and healthy on the plantation. As more and more people quit (4.3 million people in fact!), there were less warehouse workers to pack, less truckers to ship, less retail workers to shelve, and less money for all those people and the products! What ingredients of baby formula does the united snakkkes get imported? All the minerals that it’s mined to death on this land! It now gets phosphorus from Kazakhstan and Vietnam, magnesium from southern Africa, etc. The u.s. relies entirely on imports for 17 minerals, 14 of which are considered critical minerals. Many of these are necessary nutrition, especially for our babies. No minerals, no formula.

The massive exodus of people from their jobs has been called “The Great Resignation” by media. We call it, “We outta here mothafuckaz!!!”

The other supposed reason for the baby formula shortage is contaminated baby formula specifically from Abbott Laboratories which makes multiple brands of it. At its Michigan plant, a bacteria contamination impacted enough product to force a recall, especially after three babies died from consuming the poisoned product. Was it enough contamination to recall half of all baby formula that exists in the united snakkkes? No. Not at all. Contamination has happened multiple times since the creation of baby formula in the 1960s, with major melamine (resin plastic) poisoning as recent as 2008.

So which is it? The supply chain crisis or the bacteria? It’s neither. It’s COLONIALISM.

Only a colonial system would let its society get so far to the point it can’t feed babies, but feed bullets into javelins and stingers for ukkkraine. The theft of minerals around the world forces colonized children into mines and holes in the ground that cave in on them, and now colonizers are completely dependent on that system of child labor and death. Why would they care about their own babies then? In the end, it’s still the colonized babies that get impacted the worst by this formula shortage. Not only are stores like Walgreens and CVS rationing products, but in the hood they keep formula locked up behind clear plastic. Our people can’t even steal the shit!

You know the locked up formula! Along with shampoos, soaps, razors, deodorant, pregnancy tests and more, they don’t want poor colonized people healthy and living!

This is genocide. Every day. On MLK Drive. On Madison Street. Crenshaw Boulevard, Canal, 116th, 125th. It’s genocide in our communities every time we walk out there and they’re coming again for the babies. Both sides of the government are pointing fingers, hoping to use the moment to their advantage for the upcoming election. They’re not here to protect us. Protect your family, protect your hood, protect our children—join the revolution.

Land back!

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