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Who is #FoulFani and Why Does She Want Young Thug and Gunna in Prison?

By Chief Oju

Young Thug and Gunna have both been charged with 56 counts stemming from a racketeering and RICO case on Young Slime Life. Two more African men in the country are being thrown in jail for allegedly committing a conspiracy of crimes when the biggest conspiracy of all still goes unpunished: colonialism. So who is the prosecutor spending their time putting our people in jail instead of the thousands of colonizers who’ve been raping, pillaging and murdering our people around the world for centuries? It’s sellout district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis.

Excuse me, #FoulFani!

#FoulFani working with the white man to fulfill whatever his wishes are. She is FOUL!

#FoulFani has used her career to only put African and colonized people in prison. She first climbed to national attention in 2014 for the longest trial in Georgia’s history–the trial against African teachers and educators who changed the answers on their students’ test scores. After George W. Bush, who worked to kill colonized people around the world, tried to put more of our children in prison through the failure of the No Child Left Behind Act, teachers scrambled to make sure test scores were high. If they weren’t, their schools didn’t receive any funding and then the kids had less and less to learn with. No books. No computers. Nothing. And so in 2009, teachers and principals at dozens of Atlanta schools secretly changed the answers on their students’ tests.

The pathetic, anti-African newspaper the Atlanta Journal-Constitution exposed the teachers in an article showing the sharp increase of scores from one year to the next. This caught the attention of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who found nearly 200 teachers were involved. The district attorney’s office went forward with charging 35 of them with crimes–23 took plea deals and 12 decided to take their chance at trial. Who was the lead prosecutor? #FoulFani.

Some of the teachers indicted in the Atlanta schools “cheating” scandal. Our people are cheated by this system every day!

Fani charged all the teachers, only one of them not colonized, under a RICO indictment, the same one being used on Young Thug and Gunna right now. Fani says because the schools who participated in the scandal got bonuses that made the crime more criminal. The teachers got sentences that ranged from thousands of hours of community service to several years in prison. All because of “cheating.”

Cheating. When europeans came and cheated indigenous people out of this land. Cheating. When they created a system that keeps this land and its resources in their bloody hands. Cheating. When they stole us from Africa and stole our labor for their wealth. And yet we’re the ones always put behind bars by people like Fani Willis, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama—sellouts who rather indict their own people than the system that murders us. #FoulFani can get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. The bullshit did get her a job though as the district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, home of Atlanta. It did get her two daughters a full-paid college education. It did get her coins and fame. Fani is downright FOUL.

Young Thug and Gunna are facing 56 counts in their RICO case being prosecuted by #FoulFani.

Recently, #FoulFani has gotten into the spotlight for leading an investigation into election fraud claiming that Trump interfered with the 2020 presidential election. She’s assembled a grand jury earlier in May to decide if a crime was even committed. So not only is #FoulFani a sellout on her own, she’s DEEP in the pockets of demoncrats and liberals who have made thousands of empty promises to the poorest of our starving people in Atlanta. She’s a dancing puppet and is now doing more of the enemy’s dirty work to put Young Thug and Gunna in prison.

When asked if Young Thug and Gunna’s lyrics contributed to the case, she said YES! Nine of Young Thug’s songs were used as evidence in his indictment. She’s using OUR FREE SPEECH against us. And she doesn’t even know anything about the case she is leading. Recently, a reporter asked why Jack Harlow wasn’t included on the names in the indictment. Jack Harlow is an irrelevant honky wigga-wannabe rapper and #FoulFani stumbled on her words talking about they gonna figure out everyone involved with a full investigation. Dummy, you got played! And that’s just the start because the poor and working class African and colonized people of Atlanta know that all you are here for is to imprison us and destroy our families. We are not FOOLED by you #FoulFani!

#FoulFani looking dumb as hell being tricked with a question about Jack Harlow.

And if you been saying, “Well, Young Thug and Gunna are criminals,” well you need to take a step back and ask why there is even crime in the first place! If we had everything we need, if we had control over everything that’s ours, then we wouldn’t need to do nothing to nobody! There would be no need to steal, no need to murder for crumbs. They’re just organizing to get what’s theirs, but the truth that we need to realize—which #FoulFani will hide—is that we ALL need to organize TOGETHER to get what’s ALL OURS. My brother don’t got control of the goods, the white man does. My sister don’t got control of the goods, the white man does. And there are people like #FoulFani who help the white man keep it. No more bed wenches to white power. No more praise or #BlackGirlMagic’s for the people who put us behind bars. #FoulFani will have to answer to the people of Atlanta. Sooner than she may think.

Land back!

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