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Broadway Buck Breaks Jesse Williams

By Chief Oju

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to or slowed down all of the things that people used to spend their money on. Whether it’s on baby formula that is disappearing off the shelves or backed up rent, the united snakkkes is desperate to gobble up whatever is in your wallets and pockets. The same goes for one of the country’s most profitable industries—Broadway.

Broadway theaters are shows done in specifically chosen theaters mostly along Broadway in Manhattan, New York. Each year, a season is carefully decided to maximize the profit made by all shows during a season. Producers and investors throw in money and gamble with remakes of old shows and productions of new ones, hoping that they get their mayo-monkey pockets greased. These Broadway colonizers are just circus masters trying to make a buck and they’ve been doing it big since after the Civil War. However, once Hollywood and movies became popular the profits on Broadway dwindled and in the early 1980s they attempted to revive it the only way colonizers know how: selling African and colonized people. And so in 1981, Dreamgirls premiered.

Those rising profits have taken a STEEP drop!

Forty years later, Broadway is desperate again. Profits have increased every year since 1981, reaching $1.8 billion in the 2019 season. Now, the most recent season on Broadway has only reached $489 million and the cave beasts who only survive as parasites putting our bodies on display need another one to put on the auction block.

In comes Jesse Williams, starring in a revival of Take Me Out, a 2002 play about a “mixed-race” baseball player who comes out the closet and then goes through the fallout of being African and gay in a major league sport. The play ain’t nothing special, but one month after its premiere, video was leaked of a scene where Jesse Williams is fully nude as water showers over him. The video is viral because Jesse packing and now everyone is buying tickets to Broadway to see Jesse Williams on display.

Stills from the leaked video of Jesse Williams’ full nude shower scene in ‘Take Me Out’ on Broadway.

This is just one more episode in the buck breaking of African and colonized people, where our bodies are stripped, put on display, examined, gawked at, and violated. Now, don’t think just because a bunch of colonized people are tweeting or talking about it that it ain’t the same. Us colonized people don’t own Broadway. Our people don’t make a buck off the white man’s buck breaking. They do. They get every cent for exposing our bodies. It happened to Saartjie Baartman, an African woman of the Xhosa Kingdom who was paraded across Europe to show off her large butt while she was in a cage behind bars. It happened to enslaved Africans on plantations across the Western hemisphere where men and women were raped in front of others as a form of humiliation to maintain control of our labor and resources. Especially of those who rose up and fought back! We don’t got control over our bodies, and Jesse is stepping into the limelight as just one more colonized man to get the colonizer some coin.

A white man’s depiction of Saartjie Baartman, the Dutch colonized name of an African woman of the Xhosa Kingdom that was the capture and put on display throughout all of Europe in the 1800s.

If we gonna use our bodies to get some coin, it better be on our terms and under our control! Don’t let the white man pimp us no more, on Broadway, in the movies, on the TV, on the streets, in the schools, on the job, or anywhere! We need to have dictatorship, that means CONTROL, over our lives, labor, land and resources. Don’t let a dick print distract you from the hand that’s reaching for your wallet. It’s time we stop them from exploiting our bodies and use our bodies to make a better world. Use your body for revolution!

Land back!

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