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One Million Deaths…and Counting

By Minister Kantule

The united snakkkes has always been #1 in the genocide of poor and working-class colonized people. Their weapon of choice: DISEASE. Since the conception of this horrid “land of the free” our people have been subjected to the likes of smallpox, polio, and now COVID-19. If people didn’t die from the colonizer’s nasty-ass disease, they would die from their medical experimentations from Tuskegee to toxic dumps next to our neighborhoods to forced hysterectomies on indigenous women. COVID is no different. And when it comes to this one million deaths, this isn’t something to throw on just Trump. We hit one million under Biden.

A memorial for victims of COVID-19 in Washington D.C. when they were only 630,000 deaths so far.

Even though the US has a smaller population than China and several other countries, it has finally met a goal: kill 1 million people using a new disease. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve been pretending to scramble to look for answers even though the answers were always there. Looking at successful countries that have had their cases under control, i.e. China or Cuba, u.s. government officials could have used the same or similar protocols if they actually cared about people’s lives. But based on history, they never have and never will. We are their lab rats, their pawns, their loot. They only care enough to get something from us, whether it’s our labor, our money or our lives.

Protective KN95 and surgical masks have been in consistent use in China since 2019 for COVID-19 and beforehand for decades to protect against other illnesses.

As soon as they started to lose money from everything being shut down in 2020, they opened things back up again and put our lives at risk. To make sure people felt safer, they created a fake vaccine that doesn’t protect people from spreading it or even getting it. Unlike other countries, they used a new type of vaccine that has proven to let people catch the virus multiple times, cause inflammatory reactions in teenagers and children, and has no research about the long-term effects it can have on people. Other countries have used other types of vaccines that are not MRNA types to tackle the virus with immense success.

The symptoms of an infant with MIS-C, an inflammatory syndrome that happened in children with COVID-19 and the vaccine as well.

That’s why Black Hammer is building something different. From the start of the pandemic we’ve been giving out KN95 masks, the same masks that China and other countries use to prevent you from breathing in the virus. We’ve developed COVID-19 protocols and made them accessible for anyone so they can have access to ALL kinds of solutions for their symptoms and to help maintain safety and health during this pandemic. While these deaths will keep climbing past one million, Black Hammer has been here and will be here to make sure it doesn’t get to two million.

Land back!

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