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Abort the Democratic Party: Colonized Babies Become Election Pawn AGAIN!

By Chief Oju

Every two years in the united snakkkes, the useless politicians in the house and senate go up for re-election, with nothing to show for their two years on the job but rubber-stamping Sleepy Joe or Pelosi. Why should they be elected again? Why should anyone care? As even these pathetic representatives of white power can’t come up with an answer, the demoncrat party searches deep for something that will rev up the liberal voters so much that they just HAVE to vote for them. And in 2022, they’re extorting people by threatening to overturn abortion rights.

Look who’s back! Fake indigenous perennial loser Elizabeth Warren out a protest against the 2022 ruling.

In a “leaked” draft ruling from the supreme kkkourt, it was revealed that by the end of June or July, the nine supreme kkkourt justices would rule that states can individually decide whether or not to ban abortion, thus overturning Roe v. Wade. The Roe v. Wade case was decided in 1973 and said that states can’t restrict abortion on their own without federal intervention, which basically guaranteed abortion rights. For who now? Of course for the millions of crying white women who for centuries denied colonized women dictatorship over their bodies who were now upset that their white male supremacist counterparts still wouldn’t let them climb the colonial ladder.

Cave becky feminists forgetting their violence against colonized women in 1973.

So you think it’s the right that’s to blame? No, it’s Sleepy Joe, the squad, and ALL the liberal zheroes who have shown they are useless to colonized people whether it’s protecting us during COVID-19, making sure we have income as we all lose our plantation jobs, and putting us out on the streets as we spend all our money with rising food and gas prices.

Do you think this is your fight colonized person? It’s not! Long before colonizer women cried out for Roe v. Wade, our people’s bodies were invaded, investigated and incised for the european’s research, domination and pleasure. Whether it was the rape and forced impregnation of indigenous, African and Asian women around the world to whiten the next generation, or the development of gynecology through the dissection of enslaved African women’s bodies, or the perfecting of birth control through the sterilization of Puerto Rican women, we have NEVER had dictatorship over bodies under colonialism. And that includes the time since Roe v. Wade was decided. So if you think working to stop this means more freedom for you, stop right there! It’s more votes, dollars and deadly influence for the demoncrats who are counting on you to get beaten up in the street for their cause.

Demon scientists like J. Marion Sims developed gynecology on enslaved African women. He’s still honored throughout the country and world.
Hot new summer protest just dropped! Ku klux kommunists already out in L.A.

For our colonized people who get pregnant to safely have abortions, we need to have dictatorship over our lives, land, labor and resources, which means we need to have a REVOLUTION! We can no longer be pawns in their left-right game. We’re at the bottom, and it’s time we started climbing up and throwing them below us. Join the revolution at blackhammer.org/join.

Land back!

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