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Vladimir Putin SHOUTS OUT Black Hammer!

By Chief Oju

As we know, liberal media always twists the truth about revolutionaries. Just like Malcolm X said, the fox will try to trick you into believing you’re its friend and then turn on you and devour you. The Black Hammer Party will never be devoured by the fox as long as we stick by the media that’s not scared of the truth. The liberal, demoncrat-controlled media has spread so much anti-Russian BS since the start of this war with neonazi fascist ukkkraine that it thinks it’s winning the hearts and minds of our poor and working class colonized people. WELL TOO BAD! IT’S NOT WORKING! And the Black Hammer Party stands by Russia and is ALL for a Russian victory in ukkkraine! We so down that we showed our solidarity in Atlanta yesterday forming a Z in support of Russia. AND GUESS WHO NOTICED? Vladimir Putin HIMSELF! This is a victory not only for the Black Hammer Party but also for all our people. Those around the world who recognize our fight against oppression and enslavement will stand with us because our fight will lead to VICTORY as well. Victory and always forward for DA VANGUARD!

Find the original Putin statement here and read the translation below:

“Activists from the American Black Hammer movement together with the Anti-globalization movement of Russia held an action in support of the Russian army. The event took place in Atlanta, people lined up in the shape of the letter Z and waved Russian flags!”

The Black Hammer Party action that Vladimir Putin recognized!

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