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Kick the europeans Out Instead! Migrants Stuck at the Mexico Border

By Chief Watacame

White power will always look out for itself. There’s an endless amount of examples but let’s get into this one: The Migrant Protection Protocols, or MPP. It’s been nicknamed the “Remain in Mexico Policy.” It is a Trump-era policy which calls for people seeking asylum in the United Snakkkes to wait for court hearings in tent cities in Mexico. 

The Biden administration and liberals in general have fought back on this policy because they are saying that keeping migrants in Mexican border towns leaves them at an unfair risk of violence. This is a ridiculous narrative because these camps are TORTURE camps. Border patrol has a free pass to do anything and everything to the adults and children in these facilities. We see that in forced sterilization, sexual assault, missing people reports, medical negligence, and medical experimentation that have been reported. Biden’s order to stop this policy was overridden by a federal appeals court.

Migrants make treks on foot through desert heat and near dangerous waterways to make their way to a what they hope is more secure and safer than the previous colonial conditions they were living in.

To make the policy more “humane,” court proceedings have a 6-month limit per applicant meaning that a person will only wait 6 months for a court hearing to receive an answer. This seemed like a relief because people wait years for a court hearing. The 6- month wait time has not been followed AT ALL. People are still being kept in these monsters’ torture camps and we continue to see an increase in deportations.

Asylum seekers placed in a line for inspection by invaders on their own land.

If the abuse wasn’t enough, this is being used to push the vaccine mandate to the migrants because they’re in congregated tight spaces because they are not given humane conditions. They are kept in tents tightly packed with no access to hygiene which is huge obstacle to COVID safety. Instead of giving them humane and hygienic living conditions, they will be pushing the jabs to everyone except people with health exemptions.

People gathered in the open-air prisons at the border. ‘Feliz Viaje’ is far from the reality pictured above.

With all the bipartisan bitching about this policy, white power agreed on one thing—this policy could not apply to white people. Thousands of ukkkrainian parasites have traveled to Mexico to make their way to their sister country in hopes of fast-tracking their entry into the snakkkes and the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol are looking for ways to let them. Tens of thousands more have entered the country “legally” through visas and other methods, a pass colonized people from other war torn countries don’t get. 

All of these wars, immigration policies, borders, and everything else any colonial government put into place is illegitimate and fake.  The Black Hammer Party will set things right. It’s our job as revolutionaries to get power back to the people, to bring down all and every colonial government. Join today to get your power back and to give it back to all the poor and working class colonized people of the world. 


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