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Viva Kenya! Kenyan Masses Win with the Black Hammer Party

By Chief Ogola

The Black Hammer Party is a revolutionary movement that is focused on advocating against neocolonialism, colonialism and capitalism. It’s guided by the Four Principles of Unity and different political education on various topics that help to strengthen the cohesion among members across the globe. In Kenya, it started in June 2021, and up to now it has an active membership of members across the nation who hail from the poor masses, the homeless and poor working class population. The headquarters of the Kenyan chapter is located in Maseno town found in Kisumu County.

In Kenya, Black Hammer has strived to house the homeless, feed them and clothe them at different occasions and thus has enhanced the good relationship between the chapter and the poor masses as they feel the positivity in the impact created by the existence of the organization through the chapter. Currently, the Hammer House is hosting many of the comrades, including the chief, and that has increased the accommodation for the homeless.

In addition as a chapter we have been in the forefront in dealing with the harassment of the poor masses by the Kenyan government through the government apparatus (police) who are only best at pocketing bribes, harassing the poor masses as well as discriminating against them and giving them unjust judgment.

Chief Ogola facilitating release of Comrade Biko from the government dogs at Maseno Police station in January 2022.
Comrade Ras, Comrade Biko, Comrade Hellen, Chief Ogola and Chief Osare in the Hammer House after the release of Comrade Biko.

As a chapter, we are trying to increase our capacity to house more of the poor masses and get transport to respond to poor masses who are harassed in some far places in Maseno like Kissi, Homabay Busia, and Yala among others. We are also trying to increase our capacity to feed the people as well. In an effort to deal with the financial crisis, we have been doing fundraising outreach to get funds for facilitating electricity bills, data and airtime for communication, transport, food among other expenses that help keep the masses safe and help us to further serve the people. It’s noteworthy that we have looked for land and houses to establish a hotel in our strategy to achieve financial independence as a chapter.

Chief TyQoon, Chief Fred Hampton and Comrade Sarah during Robinhood out at Ebusakami Trading Centre.
Chief Ogola, Chief TyQoon and Comrade Fred Hampton at Ebusakami Trading Centre.

In conclusion, with the continued support from the Black Hammer Party headquarters in Atlanta in the U.S. led by Commander Gazi and Secretary General Tiger, as well as all the Hammers across the globe, we have made tremendous change in the lives of the poor masses and are still pressing on. We have an ultimate goal of having our political party solely uniting the poor masses in membership to rise to leadership in Kenya by 2027. Donate to our chapter by donating to CashApp $BHOInternational and put the note ‘Kenya’. We deeply appreciate your support.


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