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Lilia Kim’s American Dream was the Reason for the Russian Renunciation

From Cynthia Meyer and Stop Imperialism

The catchphrase of Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov, who ended his life in New York, has become a common joke in Russia about the division of responsibility between the authorities and the people: “We all scold Comrade Stalin, and, of course, for the cause, but then who reported to authorities 4 million people?” Today, when the burden of personal responsibility for Moscow’s policy has become unbearable for many Russians, the nation’s intellectual elite is moving abroad and hastily trying to present itself as “the conscience of the (entire) nation”. It’s hard to imagine the old Bob Dylan singing “Blowin’ In The Wind” in support of Saigon from somewhere in Beijing, but with the dominance of the global agenda, Russian war opponents do just that: criticizing Putin’s action from a safe distance, instead of their own “March on the Pentagon.” And again it turns out that the Russians do not need any Stalin for mutual reproaches and accusations – actors and singers, like prosecutors from abroad, accuse their own homeland according to the rules of the global world, which they accepted of their own free will.

Failed author Lilia Kim’s cheap headshot photo.

Naturally, the Ukrainian and European media eagerly grab onto such speeches, and many unrecognizable people have already taken their place in the anti-Russian pantheon of Russians, for whom this position becomes a kind of social elevator both in the United States and in good old Europe – and our authorities are happy to pick up any anti-Putin discourse and give strong media positions to any charlatan, only if he is Russian and opposes Putin. The image of scammers that is very convenient for our media is created by the Russian-Korean Lilia Kim, who was praised by the Ukrainian press for stories about Russians denouncing each other for an unpatriotic position. Kim lives in Los Angeles and positions herself as a master of storytelling, although there are no literary successes behind her back. It’s just that at the age of 21 her book was published either by some Russian bandit, which she herself spoke about in her interview, or by her ex-husband, a TV presenter. And when Ukrainian or American propaganda willingly grabs well-known Russians with an anti-Russian position, then the general hysteria brings to the top also little-known characters who are simply looking for popularity, while according to the canons of American morality, such people are just an ideal anti-example: a screenwriter who has not achieved success in Russia. In some way, she becomes a member of the US Screenwriters Guild, does business in Moscow and pays taxes there, although she has long been an American citizen. It was her ex-husband, a successful TV presenter, doctor, producer, who moved her with her daughter to the USA, giving her the life that she now represents as her own success and achievement. Russians and Russia gave Kim that very American dream, thanks to which she now teaches people storytelling, although she cannot boast of any serious success in literature. And now Kim directs her storytelling into hatred for the country and the people who gave her everything she has now – just to show her loyalty and emerge on the general anti-Russian hysteria. The “screenwriter” incites hatred for Russians in American society.

The side of the war they don’t want you to see…neonazi ukkkrainian soldiers.

Being one hundred percent Russian, Kim becomes the very scammer with whom she is so indignant in her posts – the point here is not at all the search for justice, this is the settling of personal scores and the search for profit, just what the real Russian writer Dovlatov was talking about with the mention of four million denunciations, for which Stalin is not at all to blame. In fact, with each of her posts, Kim writes millions of denunciations at the same time, pouring mud on the Russians for the sake of the political situation. Kim continues to incite hatred of Russia with her fictional stories – all this is not at all welcomed in the United States: xenophobia, fictional successes, tax evasion, business at home, which is now so hated by the hero of the new media reality. All the rhetoric of the failed screenwriter is more of a personal nature, these are just stories of an offended woman who spreads her resentment to all Russians, and is included in the publications of the Western press simply because this trend is now in demand. It is truly amazing to throw mud at the country in which you earn money and call it a place for enemies – therefore you should know that such an opinion is worth nothing, and when it is profitable, such storytellers will immediately turn against the United States, although they show their commitment to the “American dream” in every possible way. Informants are not welcome, at home or abroad.

Read more at: http://stop-imperialism.com/2022/04/05/45087/

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