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Biden Bites the Hand that Feeds Him and Blames Putin

By Chief Llabe

You all heard of the saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you, right?  This is what Colonized people live and breathe because for the Black and Brown masses worldwide the hands that feed them are sellouts to colonialism. A hand that feeds us death, starvation, and genocide is not just one we want to bite, but bury. Period.

The analogy fits the USA’s response to the food shortage like a glove though. Since being in office, Joe Biden has had to attempt to fool the majority of the country who wanted Trump 2020. Nobody voted for this guy, we all know it…and of course Putin made Trump president according to Sleepy Joe. His State of the Union address was all focused on making demoncrats the MAGA party. The people are not fooled, they HATE Biden.

Biden’s sleepy approval rating…

Sleepy Joe has finally woken up for the Proxy War between Russia and Ukraine. He’s been traveling all over the world trying to make sure that everyone knows that he hates Putin, the Kremlin, but most importantly, the Russian People. Biden is on a tour to gain support for an all-out invasion of Russia that the europeon union is scared of.

Brave Ukkkrainian fighters.

What Biden doesn’t realize is he is aggressively biting the hand that feeds him, the Colonized masses. The Colonized Sharecroppers of Mexico, Chile, and Brazil have been providing nearly half of the food Americans eat. US imports from these nations have dropped by nearly double-digits!

Barren colonized land.

Neocolonial puppet Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has been running the colony into the ground; Chile is going through an extended drought, and Mexico is running out of food staples like avocados. Colonialism is as Colonialism does, to kill and steal and destroy.

The future with abundant food will not be achieved through being a sellout for the white nation; the future will be Self-Determined! Dictatorship is never out of style, I’ll tell you that. No force on earth is more powerful than a dictatorship of the majority, of the 99%, of the colonized masses. We take responsibility for our work, good or bad, and strive with our unbeatable spirit to overcome all difficulties!

Meanwhile Biden is spending so much time blaming Russia and Ukraine for the food crisis while isolating himself into starvation. Biden is biting the hand that feeds him and paving the road for Anti-Colonial Revolution! We couldn’t be happier in the Black Hammer Party to see the collapse of the colony, and you should too! Join here to build the future!

Land back!

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