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Atlanta Pigs Arrest Hammers, End Up With Clogged Phone Lines And Their Asses Beat

By Secretary General Tiger

Last Wednesday, on March 9 2022, Atlanta Hammers were out and about in Downtown Atlanta fundraising for the Revolutionary Church and informing people about the good work we do in the community. We were informed about the extreme cold that was going to hit the South-East U.S. by the Ministry of People’s Affairs so we were urgently raising resources to purchase tents, sleeping bags and other winter gear for the homeless people we serve. The city of Atlanta does not like the work we do- it undermines their authority (even though it’s not like they lose any sleep over our homeless siblings having to sleep outside in freezing temperatures). This isn’t the only issue they have with the Black Hammer Party though- they hate that we called out Mayor Dickens to his face about the city stealing $200 million meant to improve Atlanta’s public transport system. They hate that we are loosening the grip that the CDC and the rest of Big Pharma has on this city. Of course, the liberal Demon ? Krat establishment hates citizens who practice their first amendment and speak truth to power!

Our comrades were barely out for an hour before some Atlanta Police Department pigs showed up to detain and write up Comrade Segun. The rest of the Hammers immediately came up to be by Segun’s side and to make sure the pigs didn’t hurt him. Hammers also started speaking to and politically educating the people in the area on why the police was trying to hurt the only organisation that’s out seven days a week in Downtown ATL to serve our people! While our comrades were doing this, more cop cars pulled up. Comrade Segun was handcuffed and taken into one of the cars and driven away. Chief Turey, one of the Hammers present at the scene, repeatedly asked the pigs where they were taking Segun and got no answer. It wasn’t until Turey got on the megaphone that the pigs gave them an address- a fake address though because when we looked it up it was just some random bridge in the city. Then they also wrote up Chief Turey for “excessive noise” and drove off.

Chiefs Llabe and Turey leading a protest against GSU PD for arresting Comrade Segun. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
Chief Turey livestreams while being detained in a cop car. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

At this point our comrades and others who witnessed the arrest were (rightfully) extremely pissed off at the pigs for this wrongful arrest of a servant of the people. So they marched to the police precinct and started protesting there. Here, they arrested Chief Turey and then took them to Atlanta City Detention Center where he was able to meet up with Segun (the same spot where they jailed our comrades back in November 2021). 

Soon after the rest of the ATL Hammers arrived, we started protesting against the Atlanta Police Department for arresting Hammers who work day and night to serve the poor and working class Colonised people of Atlanta and especially the homeless people of Atlanta- a populous that has been totally abandoned by the state. But not just that, we wanted to show the people that they don’t have to just sit there and take it when they or a loved one is arrested, harassed or attacked by the pigs. They too can organise themselves and strike fear in the hearts of these sellout piggies! We showed our people that poor and working class Colonised people–they–are capable of being more disciplined, more organised and therefore, more POWERFUL than the oppressive colonial state.

More Atlanta Hammers arrive on the scene to get our comrades back!

Not only did we have an on-the-ground presence standing strong in front of the detention centre–but an in-the-air one too. Our live-streams were shared far and wide, people were calling the detention centre relentlessly to release Segun and Turey, and messages of support were pouring in! As expected, all this was too much for the piggies. After less than 2 hours of protest, Segun and Turey were released. After the release, we did a victory lap around Downtown and updated the people on our comrades being released. 

This is not the first or last confrontation Hammers will have with police. And we’re fine with that. As Chairman Mao said, “It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves.” (Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, ‘Classes and Class Struggle’). These attacks show the world that this is how evil this system is- that it attacks an entity that is feeding, clothing and housing the homeless. It shows that revolution is the only solution- such an evil system can never be reformed.  And finally, it shows that the police aren’t invincible. We can fight back and they can lose.

At any rate, the police and the rest of the city now knows that you can’t hurt a Hammer and get away with it. It’s #TOUCHONETOUCHALL up in here, b*tch! This time we just came at you with protests and chants but we can’t promise to be so nice in the future. So think twice before you come at any of us. 

Before I end this, to all my poor and working class Colonised siblings reading this, I hope this showed you of what lies ahead of you should you pick up the Hammer to fight for your people. Yes it’s hard work. Yes it’s painful at times. But it’s the only thing in this world that can promise us power. And it’s the only thing that can help create a world where we don’t have to be scared of the pigs no more. 

Land back!



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