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Africans Protest Being Held Hostage by White Nationalists in ukraine

As war continues over in europe, the ukkkrainian government has been holding Colonized students hostage as it prioritizes the safety of blue-eyed, white devils instead.

But our Colonized siblings stranded in the city of Sumy are getting fed up with the bullshit white power is putting them through—protests led by outraged students chanting “Let us go home” have been going on.

Africans explain their situation, posted March 7th on youtube

Within the dorms of their university, there’s no electricity despite the near freezing temperatures during the winter. 

There are also reports of water having been cut off from the city of Sumy  forcing the students to melt snow in order to drink water.

About 400 of the students are Nigerian while others come from different parts of Africa and other Colonized nations like India, Kenya, Palestine etc. 

Sumy State University

Some have tried fleeing through taxi or bus but these charge $400 per person with a story of one Nigerian paying $1,600!! 

This is proof of white power’s blood-thirst for the resources of Colonized individuals, especially in a place like ukkkraine where neo-nazism is the norm. 

Colonial news networks—whether they’re conservative, liberal, international or amerikkkan—are all using this situation to their advantage in typical colonizer fashion. 

Never Forget: Obama Put Neo-Nazis in Power in the Ukraine ...
Oleh Yaroslavovych Tyahnybok, a ukkkrainian politician and former leader of the white nationalist Svoboda Party

Lying and twisting facts, this is the perfect propaganda opportunity for ukkkraine to use those they stranded as hostages and blame Russian forces fighting back against the colonial empire & NATO, who are trying to expand into Russian territory, for the situation.

We shouldn’t be surprised down the line when it’s revealed that ukkkrainian forces even went as far as to kill these stranded students pinning the blame on evil, bad and “dictator” Putin. 

The Black Hammer Party Is Allergic to Bullshit 

The BHP will continue to show support for the brave Russian soldiers fighting back against the empire that is surrounding them and forcing their hand into war. 

It’s more than obvious to see whose lives ukkkraine values more. But that’s why our Party is building over in Nigeria, Kenya and worldwide to combat the lies these colonizers are shoving down everyone’s throats, left and right. 

See through the lies, realize and fight back against white power’s blue eyes in ukkkraine that are forcing suffering onto the Colonized people stuck in their war by building wherever you are. 

The world needs it and so does your community! 

Land back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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