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NATO Terrorism, Russia & Ukrainian Nazis: A Quick Rundown

The new cold war on Russia, China and Iran is now shifting its focus to ukkkraine (ukraine) as Russia defends itself with troops to do what they’ve done before—get rid of nazis. War propaganda is at an all-time high as right-wing and liberal media outlets alike call for more action on amerikkka’s part to make Russia “suffer”.

Azov batallion, one of the white nationalist groups supported and tasked with leading the takeover of Ukraine back in 2014, opening up the ukrainian market to western european and u.$. interests

It’s not the first time this has happened before. It was through ukkkraine that the german colonizers invaded Russia only to get they asses whooped during WWII. 

amerikkka Takes ukkkraine

This conflict goes back some years starting in 2014 when the u.$. violently installed a puppet government in ukkkraine with the help of white nationalist/nazi forces in the region. 

To give more background and politicize this timeline, ukkkraine has been part of what is now known as Russia historically, with Kyiv having been the capital of Russia at one point and part of the USSR within the last 30 years

Because the Viktor Yanukovych government didn’t want the mess that comes with being part of NATO, an agreement was signed with the opposition government after protests in the capital of Kyiv (Maidan protests) broke out due to outrage from the white supremacists over Yanukovych’s choice to remain allied with Russian/Asian forces instead.

The very next day, neo-nazis rioting in the streets stormed the Parliament forcing Yanukovych to run off fearing for his life. 

After these anti-Russia militant groups got into power, they banned the Russian language despite the eastern portion of ukkkraine being majority Russian speaking.

Crimea, a territory that is ethnically Russian and home to the former USSR’s largest naval base, was then surveyed in a poll to find out whether they wanted to stick with Russia or the now western-backed puppet government of ukkkraine. 

Unidentified pro-Russian forces patrolling Crimea, 2014

95% of the people voted to stick with Russia and have since been fighting off the white nationalist forces with their own organizations. The violence of the Azov Batallion and other anti-Russia groups has continued since 2014, taking the lives of some 14,000 people in the eastern regions of ukkkraine.

Russia says Ukraine's Nato help plea will 'worsen' tensions after fears war with Putin's army ...

The largest naval base formerly used by the USSR located in the Crimean peninsula would now be under the control of amerikkka if Crimea was not fought for. 

Conclusion? Fuck NATO

NATO lies of not expanding eastward and a mask-off white supremacist government being supported by western colonizer nations is what this situation boils down to.

Don’t get the facts twisted ya’ll—u.$. and european allies from the terrorists over at NATO have been pushing Russia’s hand for far too long and only escalated the conflict.

All of this could have been avoided had the u.$. and its NATO dogs held up their end of the deal. 

But we know better than to trust the same government(s) that have conned the entire Colonized world out of their lives, labor, land and resources; in this instance, their fellow europeans in Ukraine as they leave them to the forces of Russian troops.

So we say to the whining liberals and anyone pushing for more measures against Russia, we ain’t gonna be crying for them white folks evacuating that are being prioritized over Colonized people; just let Russia take its land back.

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